Law and Legal Precedent – Pt II

It occurs to me that perhaps I should say more about this document, the Declaration of Independence, which along with the Constitution help lay the foundation for our country’s laws and jurisprudence. It says: “We find these truths to be self-evident” meaning that, first of all, we’re talking about truths, not theorems or propositions that we come up with, but truths which are self-evident. Where does that leave us in terms of “legal precedent?” Seems to me that it should be the first legal precedent to consider. Then it says: “that all men are created equal.” Interestingly enough it dispenses with the concept that we all just happened to be as a result of some “big-bang” chemical reaction as some have posited. It actually says we were created and thank God for that. ( I didn’t want to go through life thinking that I just evolved from a turnip-seed or some other lower life-form.) Further, it says: and they were “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” Whoa! Back up the truck. What’s this about a Creator? Do you mean a God, a Supreme Being, a Master of the Universe, A Person who not only created us but endowed us with certain inalienable rights among which the first listed is Life and which is inalienable, meaning no one, not even the mother, has the right to take away?

Whoa, do you see where this trip down the lane of ” Law and Legal Precedents” has taken us? And, not to mention that this Creator, this God has given us “commandments” to live by? And one of these commandments, another word for laws if you will, is “Thou shalt not kill.” Egads! What happens to the so-called legal precedents accompanying the Supreme Court ruling that abortion is legal. Looks like we should start at the beginning of where Life begins and not where it ends. So much for Law and Legal Precedents being invoked by such “luminaries” as Senators Diane Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Richard Durbin, and others who are committed to the wholesale destruction of human life. May Judge Gorsuch not be influenced by their arguments but by the legal precedent stated in the Declaration of Independence written down for all posterity by our forefathers.

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One comment on “Law and Legal Precedent – Pt II

  1. The problem is that “the Creator” is not defined. And even if the Americanist documents were to say “Christ”, even then, we would need to define His Nature and Church. A different understanding of who is the ” Creator” presupposes a different understanding of His Teaching and Law. And a different understanding of His Dignity and those He created.
    One of the reasons the American revolution was started as explicitly stated in the Suffolk Resolves, was to prevent recognition of the Catholic Church as an officially sanctioned church, as the British had allowed in French Quebec.

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