Muslim Lover

Muslim Lover

[Hat-tip to Christine Niles at ChurchMilitant: “Malta Archbishop May Give Go-Ahead for Islam Instruction in Catholic Schools: Abp. Charles Scicluna said he’d have no objection to teaching Catholic students Islam”; another example of Lenin’s dictum applied to Muslims and Catholics: Those Catholics will sell us Muslims the rope with which we hang them!]

Posted on March 18, 2017 by Justin Pisani

When it comes to Muslims, Mons Charles J. Scicluna is probably the friendliest, compared to previous Archbishops. He is so friendly that one begins to doubt whether he knows what it means to be the Archbishop of a people whose forefathers suffered under the hands of Muhammadans.

This relationship took off with an ostentatious hug; a hug which was given in Malta’s Cathedral in Imdina. Of course, he would never have hugged a traditional seminarian who doesn’t toe Pope Francis’ line. What hope is there for an Archbishop who welcomes heretics infidels with open arms, but puts authentic seminarians through so much hassle?


This relationship was bizarrely showcased during the the 450th anniversary commemoration of the Great Siege of Malta, an attempted Ottoman invasion of the island. The Archbishop decided that the best way to honour those who died was by walking with the Imam from Couvre Porte to the Church of St Lawrence. How shameful it is that the Archbishop, whose role is to defend the Catholic Church in Malta, decided to betray in such a manner our forefathers who gave up their lives to repel an Islamic invasion.

In a brazen act of historical revisionism, the Archbishop said: “Yes, the Great Siege battle of 1565 was a struggle against enslavement as obscurantism – it was against the enemies of true freedom.” The name of the enemies of true freedom practise the same faith as the man who stood beside you, ISLAM.


If the previous Muslim-friendly moments are not enough to prove what a Muslim lover Archbishop Scicluna is, wait until you hear about the next moment. Yesterday, the 17th of March 2017, marked a new phase in this relationship, one where Islam would be taught in Catholic schools throughout the country. During last night discussion program, on the national television channel the Archbishop was asked whether he would agree with teaching Islam to Muslim students in Catholic schools, to which he (the Archbishop) replied, “should we have the logistics in place I can’t see why this wouldn’t be possible”.

There are a few point I would like to make on the following statement:

Muslim students should either be accepted into Government schools or else go to their very own Islamic School, Church schools belong to Catholics, not to Muslims or to any members of another religion.

Catholic schools are there to promote the Catholic Faith and not act as premises where non-Catholics are taught their religion. After all Catholic schools are funded by parents who give donations, so that the Catholic school continue to teach Catholics in the best way possible, in the Catholic way.

The Archbishop of Malta should check that his common sense is in place. He should be preaching and promoting the Catholic Faith to Muslims and not act as the Imam’s best friend and do whatever the Muhammadan wants.

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