“Beauty and the Beast”, the latest Disney [film], banned in Russia [but] recommended by the [Italian] Church

“Beauty and the Beast”, the latest Disney [film], banned in Russia [but] recommended by the [Italian] Church

[I (AQ moderator Tom call it “Beauty and the Beastial”; hat-tip to Canon212 (“Banned in theatres, banned in Russia – gay Disney flick approved by Italian FrancisBishops!”) and PewSitter (“Disney Remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, banned in Russia but approved by Italian Bishop’s Conference”)]

by Francesca de Villasmundo – March 18, 2017

Google translation of www.medias-presse.info/la-belle-et-la-bete-le-dernier-disney-soutenu-par-leglise-interdit-en-russi

Chronicle of a truly … stunning time.

The latest film from Disney Studios, Beauty and the Beast , brings out the beast … or the man, depending on whether one considers modernity and progressivism or whether one is attached to the traditional ways.

Prohibited in Russia at the age of 16, he is touted by the National Commission for Film Evaluation of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

According to the two critics accredited to this Commission speaking in the names of the Italian bishops, in their dithyrambic article appeared on the site SIR (service information religious), this cinematographic adaptation of the famous French tale of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, published in 1756, Revisits a ” still current fable “.

Actually, it is the case to say it! It is in rainbow colors: the director Bill Condon decided, and assumes, that one of the characters would be “gay”, the “gay luron” of the story …

” There will be a scene at the end, which I do not want to unveil, which is really charming, an exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie. ”

Hence an ambivalent, ambiguous, ambiguous scene of which MPI has already spoken. But this does not shock our two authors of the Commission who do not deprive themselves of encouraging families, young and not so young, to go and see this “Beauty and the Beast” of modern times:

“The Disney product is undoubtedly good, adapted to families and young people who wish to rediscover the fable in all its values” (sic) !

These two learned critics seem to have been shocked by those who are shocked!

They “were a little surprised,” they wrote benignly, of the critico-polemic reading of the film before its release in the theater, because of the presumed insertion in the narrative context of a personage retained as homosexual. ”

An Alabama cinema, Henagar Drive-In Theater, has announced that he will not be screening this new Disney movie. His boss has indeed explained on his Facebook page that

“If you can not take your grandchildren to see a movie, then we have no interest in showing it. ”

In Malaysia, the film is allowed but censored: the gay scene has been cut. Disney decided to block its distribution in the country: in whole or nothing. So better for the Malaysians!

The young Russian will be more preserved than the small Italians since the film is banned at the age of 16 in their country. Putin’s Russia does not have the same moral standards as the Italian conciliar Church!

We truly lived a period … stunning!

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3 comments on ““Beauty and the Beast”, the latest Disney [film], banned in Russia [but] recommended by the [Italian] Church

  1. [The USCCCP’s Media Review Office gave it an L rating for “limited adult audience” (equivalent to the former Legion of Decency’s B rating – “morally objectionable in part”) rather than its strongest O rating for “morally offensive” (equivalent to the Legion’s C for “condemned”)]

    Disney’s live-action adaptation of its beloved 1991 animated film is an imaginative if problematic work, an old-fashioned Hollywood musical with an arresting visual style. The eponymous lovely (Emma Watson) exchanges places with her kidnapped father (Kevin Kline) in a haunted castle inhabited by a furry monster (Dan Stevens), who is in fact a prince transformed by a wicked spell. The same curse turned his staff into household objects, including a candelabra (Ewan McGregor), mantel clock (Ian McKellen), and teapot (Emma Thompson). Only if the odd couple finds true love can the hex be broken, but a vengeful hunter (Luke Evans) stands in the way. The decision of the studio, director Bill Condon and screenwriters Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos to reimagine the hunter’s sidekick (Josh Gad) as Disney’s so-called “first gay character” is a regrettable one and firmly at odds with Christian values. Given the clear intent to make a statement with this character in a film directed at children, the restrictive classification is a caution for viewers of faith, especially parents. A few scenes of peril and action violence, a benign view of homosexual activity, some sexual innuendo. The Catholic News Service classification is L — limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling.

  2. I have signed a petition to Disney, sponsored if I remember by Lifesite News, critical of the film’s pushing the homosexual agenda and making a personal promise not to see the film.
    If enough Catholics did this we might actually get the Hollywood elite to rethink some of their actions.

  3. I’ve signed a petition as well. A few Catholic organizations are sending out petitions for people to sign.
    I would also object to it given Emma Watson’s intentional change making her character into more of a women’s lib version.
    It seems every company is sticking “gay” characters and scenes into their products.

    On the plus side (not really) the Vatican is having Muslim prayers there for peace.
    At least David Rockefeller has died. That’s one less NWO member.

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