To FrankenPope: Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

To FrankenPope: Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are!

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer on 3/17/17

My mother used to say often when warning us about carefully choosing our friends that, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Did you ever see a cardinal flying with vultures? Well, maybe that isn’t the best example since so many cardinals these days are, in fact, vultures. And, sadly, Pope Francis has placed many of these evil men in important positions at the Vatican. Let’s check out a few.

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia
Cardinal Godfried Danneels

[See for details and reference links for the above. I’ll concentrate on the fellow that Mary Ann highlights in this article. – AQ moderator Tom]

Fr. Luigi Ciotti

What is the relationship between Francis and Luigi Ciotti who is a proud promoter of homosexuality? Look at the picture of Ciotti holding hands with the pope. Is this the normal way a cultural Hispanic relates to other men? I don’t think so. It’s just one more bizarre episode in the Pope Francis soap opera.


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As I write this I can’t help thinking that the slander against Pope Pius XII who was called “Hitler’s pope” would be more accurately applied to Francis since he gives legitimacy to the enemies of the Church and apparently approves of letting them spread their moral evils from the bully pulpit of Vatican City. Pray for the pope and for the Church. We are clearly in evil and dangerous times.

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2 comments on “To FrankenPope: Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

  1. At Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichement he has the following item:
    “More than a month ago, a Bergoglian bishop reportedly said: “Whoever wants to discover what Jesus wants from him, he must ask the Pope, this Pope, not the one who came before him, or the one who came before that. This present Pope”.”
    Fr Hunwicke is quite rightly horrified at this statement and the fact that it has not been denied by the cleric concerned. Fr Hunwicke does not name the cleric but says he is a metropolitan Archbishop.
    Fr Hunwicke’s comment on this dreadful remark is brilliant and should be read.
    I think it worth quoting Fr Hunwicke’s comments in full:

    “I think this is the most horrible misdescription of the Catholic Faith I have yet to hear, in this crisis, from a Catholic bishop. Horrible in its trashing of the concept of paradosis to which S Paul pointed when he said What I have received I have handed on. Horrible in its shameless, shameful denial of the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church at Vatican I (The Holy Spirit was not promised to the Successors of Peter so that by His revelation they might publish new doctrine but so that by His assistance they might devoutly guard and faithfully set forth the revelation handed down through the Apostles, that is, the Deposit of the Faith). Horrible in its idolisation of one man, the incense it burns to one mere human; in other words, it breathes that same spirit of the Antichrist which inspired the devilish chant Ein volk ein reich ein fuehrer.
    Horrible, above all, in that it blasphemously brings into its crippled parody of Christian Truth the sweet Name of our Most Holy Redeemer. ”

    This is again a sign of the rather horrible regime that the present Pope has surrounded himself with.

  2. This is the problem with Bergoglian neo-Gnosticism. It falls into errors very similar to Luther and Protestantism. We are supposed to believe that every pope in church history prior to Pope Francis was in error about denying Communion to unrepentant adulterers. Perhaps also that Pope Francis is the special recipient of a fuller illumination by the Holy Spirit with a special charism that brings him in closer contact with the Spirit. This tends toward heretical ideas similar to Joachim of Fiore, with Bergoglio ushering in the Third Age of the Holy Spirit which was somehow suppressed for two-thousand years by rigid neo-Pelagian triumphalists, too blind to grasp the hipster “Who am I to judge?” attitudes toward mercy and antinomian modernist Situation Ethics.

    If this is true, why couldn’t the next pope also declare Pope Francis in error and change Catholic teachings and rules even further? And so on and so on. Each subsequent pope declaring a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Age of the Spirit that was more illuminated, enlightened, more merciful, forgiving, tolerant, groovy, and fuzzy-wuzzy than the previous pontificate.

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