BISHOPS IN THE SWAMP: A Bizarre Letter to Rex Tillerson

BISHOPS IN THE SWAMP: A Bizarre Letter to Rex Tillerson

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

Writing for the, the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, argues that the Church must stay out of politics except, apparently, when it comes to the political issues that LaDonna Cardinal Wuerl thinks are fair game.

In what appears to be a veiled shot at President Trump’s plan to nix the Johnson Amendment (which would allow priests and ministers to offer pro-life voting guidance from the pulpit without fear of losing their tax-exempt status), Cardinal Wuerl, writes:

“It is not unusual to be asked today, “What is the role of the church in politics?” Another way of putting it is, “What contribution does the church bring to the political order?” The short answer is that the church has much sacred wisdom and human experience to bring to public policy discussions. If we want a society in which public policy defends the life and dignity of all, supports marriage and family, promotes the common good, recognizes religious freedom personally and institutionally, welcomes immigrants and cares for our neighbors in need, then of course the church must be engaged in the public square. “However, we need to be precise and careful when we use the word “church.” The church must be understood as all her members, even though they have different responsibilities and roles. The idea that somehow priests or bishops should be the primary church voices addressing public issues, the framing of laws and advocating for specific public policies is too narrow a vision of the church.”

REMNANT COMMENT: In other news, last month senior members of the USCCB and Catholic Relief Services sent an impassioned letter to secretary of State Rex Tillerson, informing him that climate change is their top foreign policy priority.

According to the USCCB website, the letter builds “upon Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato si’. . . the letter emphasizes the importance of adaptation policies and specifically calls for continued U.S. support of the Paris climate agreement as well as the Green Climate Fund, which provides poorer nations with resources to adapt to and mitigate changing climate realities.”

As the Population Research Institute points out, however, the letter contains:

No mention, no condemnation, of the government’s existing programs that have spent billions of dollars on family planning, including contraception and abortion, in recent years.

No demand that the government cease its policy that requires that “family planning” programs be included before Third-World countries could receive any foreign aid projects for clean water, hygiene, health clinics, and other basic necessities.

No mention any concern regarding the slaughter of Christians, including Catholic priests and bishops, as well as untold thousands of the faithful, throughout the world.

No mention of the Obama State Department’s refusal to allow Christian refugees to enter the country, ­ a policy which prefers importing Moslems from those very countries where Moslem terrorists were killing Christians.

And no request that the State Department cease its international campaign to promote and to celebrate active homosexuality.

So, in the midst of growing and bloody persecution of Christians around the world, as well as the institutionalized global slaughter of unborn babies, the top foreign policy concern of our shepherds in 2017 is climate change. One can only guess at what our good bishops’ most pressing domestic policy concern might be — an inadequate number of smoke-free zones in public areas, perhaps?

Incidentally, this letter may seem to present an obvious contradiction to what Cardinal Wuerl is trying to say in his article on The Hill. But don’t be troubled—it does not. In the wake of Pope Francis’s Laudato Si, global warming is no longer a mere political issue. It has been elevated to the level of a de facto new article of Faith, in which all Catholics must believe in order to be saved (whatever “saved” means these days).

In this context, the letter from our bishops to Secretary of State Tillerson in no way violates the separation of Church and State clause, even as it handily doubles as a timely Lenten reminder to the world’s Catholics to remember their Easter Duty—which includes giving the air conditioner the old heave-ho and using paper rather than plastic at the grocery store.

Really, with radically liberal bishops like these putting this sort of politically correct pressure on the Trump White House, who needs a Democratic Party. When President Trump drains the swamp, let’s hope a ‘Catholic’ bishop or two may also end up circling the drain.

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One comment on “BISHOPS IN THE SWAMP: A Bizarre Letter to Rex Tillerson

  1. Progressive modernists are clearly in a state of “strong delusion” and diabolical disorientation. Their whole mentality is delusional. They are unable to distinguish between matters which fall under prudential judgment and can be debated by the laity (like the opinion and “theory” of man-made climate change) and issues involving grave matter and serious sin (abortion, changing the definition of marriage, the government denying Catholics free exercise of religion and exemption from unjust laws such as the contraception mandate forced on the Little Sisters of the Poor by Obamacare). Priests and bishops have no special expertise in meteorology, astrophysics, oceanography, or climatology relevant to the debates over climate change and global warming. They are free to debate such matters on the level of opinion and political discussion but they should do so with the recognition of their own limitations and with prudential judgment regarding those areas which involve population control theory. How to resolve the debate of differing opinions on the theory of climate change is NOT the most pressing issue facing the Catholic Church right now. Even if the most extreme doomsday alarmist positions by crackpot Malthusians on this debate were true, the mission of the Church remains the same – a spiritual mission for the salvation of souls in the supernatural order. The Church needs men who know how to say Mass correctly, not weather forecasts.

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