The feminist screed in L’Osservatore Romano

[The feminist screed in L’Osservatore Romano]

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“L’Osservatore Romano and the feminist whining: also the question ‘gay adoptions’ reduced to a problem of abuse of males against females”

Date: 03/15/2017
Author: Finan of Lindisfarne

“L’Osservatore Romano and the feminist whining: also the question ‘gay adoptions’ reduced to a problem of abuse of males against females” Finan of Lindisfarne

And here he is again struggling with the Osservatore Romano and the feminist voice in the Church: Lucetta Scaraffia, which I have already discussed above: movie-of-quentin-tarantino-than-the observer-Roman-nellorientamento-the-faith-Catholic-to-finan-of-lindisfarne /

This time the target of our journalist have sex couples and adoptions. So be it, God forbid, if it was done correctly.

Too bad that the matter be treated so totally unique and always filtered from the problem of abusive male and the classic feminist whining. Read the article (taken from Seismograph):

It could make laugh, shame that we have to reiterate that the lines are written in the Osservatore Romano, which should be a beacon to guide the faithful in the Holy Catholic Faith.

Read these excerpts:

But there is another aspect, even more disturbing, behind this way of proceeding. The decisions taken by the courts concerning almost all, perhaps ninety percent, pairs of male homosexuals.

There is also another aspect, in fact. In general, same-sex couples of males with children try and get greater visibility of female ones.

Other than penis envy, would say to Dr. Freud! And there is another negative confirmation of what has just said: the women, some to a lesser extent, try to be a homosexual family, yet never exhibit, they prefer to stay in the shadows, perhaps to protect children from a nagging curiosity. (So we welcome same-sex couples lesbian ??? Ed)

But the result is not declared, even though now clear, is another: we are faced with yet another chapter in the struggle of men to put women in their place, to marginalize them, to exclude them. Coming to exclude them from the most important thing of all: the procreation of a human being. Maybe their dream ever.

I think that Ms. Lucetta has known no doubt of the terrifying males in her life, and I regret that.

However, the Osservatore Romano should not be a psychological therapy in an attempt to find themselves writing personal opinoni (among other things that make you laugh). It should deal with issues relating to the Faith and Morals.

And the homosexual question, if the Church was indeed prophetic, should be treated in the light of doctrine and morality, based on the Scriptures. Point.

Scaraffia, however, it does not particularly care about the souls that are lost-as should a Christian-healthy, because that males (homosexuals) have the upper hand over women (homosexuals).

Please wake me up and tell me I’m dreaming.

Finan Of Lindisfarne

Google translation of above-mentioned article in L’Osservatore Romano article:

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