A Masonic Lodge in the Vatican?

A Masonic Lodge in the Vatican?

From: Gloria.TV News on the 16th of March 2017

The blog Anonimi della Croce writes that for about 60 years there has existed a masonic lodge in the Vatican, which is affiliated to the Grande Oriente d’Italia. Its members are prelates and lay-people. They call the lodge, “La confraternita” and meet often in the Vatican, in apartments or hotels. According to the blog, the alleged lodge controls the Vatican Bank and organized the assassination attempt on John Paul II.

Google translation of Italian source: “Grande Oriente Vaticano” di Fra Cristoforo

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2 comments on “A Masonic Lodge in the Vatican?

  1. Card carrying members or not, the Conciliar Bishops/Cardinals follow the masonic agenda either way ! Can you tell the difference in the program of the masons and that of the present prelates of the Church?

    A good document to read in confirmation of the above article is the document “Alta Vendita – the program for the Masonic subversion of the Catholic Church’ – See:


  2. Extrapolating from details of the report in comparison with other reports of homosexual activity by Vatican officials in the Vatican and around the world by members of its diplomatic corps, the group seems to be more like a band of homosexuals organized as a masonic lodge especially to protect the secrecy of its members. Rather than organizing the assassination attempt of JP2 (which originated with the former Soviet KGB), the group may have facilitated it under threat of exposure by the Communists of their organization and lifestyle.

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