UPI: Francis “Calls” (???) For ”Married” Priests


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3 comments on “UPI: Francis “Calls” (???) For ”Married” Priests

  1. The opening paragraph to the March 8, 2017, Crux “staff” article Pope Francis signals openness to ordaining married men
    summarizes that part of FrankenPope’s interview but implies other questions on that matter:

    In a new interview with a German newspaper, Pope Francis addresses the issue of married priests, saying simply making celibacy optional is ‘not a solution’ but signaling openness to the idea of ordaining the ‘viri probati,’ or tested married men.

    His comment that making celibacy optional is “not a solution” reminds me of his answer to a question during the aero-interview after his trip to Sweden where he schmoozed with Lutheran clergy including The Primate-Archbishopess Antje Jackelen -namely, if the Catholic Church soon have women priestesses:

    “On the ordination of women in the Catholic church, the last word is clear … It was given by St. John Paul II and this remains.”

    And to a followup question: “But really forever? Never?”, to which he replied: “If we read carefully the declaration made by St. John Paul II, it goes in that direction.”

    Shortly thereafter, the Papal Secretariat of State-censored Civilta Cattolica had an article by the Jesuit deputy editor on reopening the question of women’s ordination.

    Will an article advocating optional celibacy for all priests appear in that or another Vatican publication such as L’Osservatore Romano in the near future?

    Also, will the “openness” to the idea of “viri probati” or “tested married men” apply to the readmission to active ministry of those who left the priesthood to marry if their marriages are “successful”? Some married former priests whose marriages “failed” have been readmitted to the priesthood after an annulment of the failed marriage. If for reason of failure, why not for reason of success?

    Advocates of such are groups like CORPUS (Corps of Resigned Priests United for Service) and Married Priests, which say that there are more than 25,000 such priests in America and 150,000 worldwide.

    Despite the pope’s apparent opposition to optional celibacy, the same Crux article mentions that he had a favorable meeting with a “community” of seven such priests and their families in Rome – similar to the situations where he had private meetings with a female couple (one “transgendered) in the Vatican and also with a friend and former seminary student and his male “spouse” at the Vatican embassy in Washington during his visit to the US – despite his opposition to such “marriages” and “gender equity”.

  2. I just added some question marks in the title. This mess is so ridiculous who knows what’s what? Anyway, seemed like a way to reflect the inevitable ambiguity factor.

  3. “openness” to the idea of “viri probati” or “tested married men” [to] apply [for] readmission to active ministry of those who left the priesthood to marry if their marriages are “successful”

    Sure? Why not? Then all the former celebrity priests that have fallen can come back to the limelight of fame! Calling “fathers” Corapi, Francis Mary Stone, Alberto Cutie, Thomas Williams ex-LC, etc.

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