Cardinal Calls for Magisterial Document on Gender to Combat Forces Pushing Gender Theory

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By Andrew Parrish


March 7th, 2017

(AciStampa) UTRECHT – Yesterday, Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk, Archbishop of Utrecht, said in an interview that a magisterial document on gender theory was “urgent.” The Archbishop confirms a previous statement, made in November, in which he expressed his opinion that such a document would be useful to the Church.

“I would not necessarily say it takes an encyclical,” the Archbishop told AciStampa. “It could also be a different type of document, such as an instruction from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. However, it is important that there be an authoritative document of the Church on this theory.”

“Gender theory” is an academic exploration which posits that a person’s “gender” or “gender identity”, the sex they consider themselves to be, is more or less entirely separated from their “sex”, the physical sexual identity their body possesses. The right of any individual who feels a disconnect between these two to act in society according to their internal “identity” is being pursued across the West as a civil rights issue. The underlying psychological disorder, known as “gender dysphoria,” is no longer considered a pathology.

The Church cannot accept gender theory, as Eijk explains, because she must deny the Cartesian dualism of metaphysics upon which it is based: “Gender theory is based on a dualist anthropology, which limits the human person to human consciousness, the center, in the brain, of rational activity, the autonomous choices and typically human social skills. Gender theory sees the body as something secondary, something extrinsic to human nature, which does not participate in the dignity of the person as such, as an intrinsic value of the person.” This is, he declares, “clearly opposed to the vision of the Catholic Church.”

As other columnists have noted recently, Abp. Eijk points out the danger of such dehumanization of the body, which gives rise not only to movements of personal redefinition like transgenderism, but also to abortion and euthanasia and similar forms of violence. At present, Eijk says, “international organizations put a lot of pressure on nations to introduce this theory, especially in education.” The recent creation of the post of “LGBT czar” at the United Nations is a good example of the force being applied at present.

Gender theory, as an instrumentalized ideology of the state, has made much more progress in the European Union than in the United States. Eijk’s call comes as the Supreme Court of the United States, in a surprise ruling, has refused to grant a hearing to the case of Gavin Grimm, the now-infamous “bathroom case.” Over the last few months in Europe, however, as we at Pewsitter have reported, the persecution of those who oppose the LGBT lobby has risen to Orwellian levels. The Spanish government has created an anonymous informant system to turn in anyone who is not sufficiently compassionate to the authorities. Bus station and television advertisements relentlessly indoctrinate citizens. This week a BBC commentator is facing public outrage over her denial that a transgendered male can really be a woman.

Archbishop Eijk ends his interview with a plea for Catholic news agencies and media outlets to broadcast the truth. While the Magisterium has addressed questions related to gender many times in the past, including by Pope Francis (Laudato Si 151), the teaching authority of the Church has been overshadowed by scandal and negativity. He declares that the Church has a duty to maintain her media presence and advertise her mission and teachings: “We must also think of those who are spiritually poor, because they have never heard the truth. Every man in this world has the right to feel, to hear the gospel.”

Quotations from AciStampa translated with the aid of Google Translate.

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