Prayer Intention Request from the Vennari Family

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Dear Friends,

We are most grateful for your continued Masses, Holy Communions, Rosaries, and other prayers and sacrifices for John.

Since John’s diagnosis, we have prayed through the intercession of Our Lady of Buen Suceso (‘Good Success’ in English), the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and St. Philomena. Other saints, blesseds, venerables and servants of God have been invoked as well, including St. Pio of Pietrelcina, St. Charbel Makhlouf and Venerable Pauline-Marie Jaricot.
Over two months ago, we decided to intentionally pray to Venerable Mother Mariana of Jesus (Mariana Francisca de Jesús Torres y Berriochoa). Mother Mariana was the Conceptionist abbess of Quito who received the extraordinary apparitions of Our Lady of Buen Suceso (‘Good Success’). In this way, any cure could be attributed to Mother Mariana’s intercession, and eventually used for her cause for beatification and eventual canonization.

We kindly ask that you continue to join us in praying for John, through the intercession of Mother Mariana:

Blessed Mother of Buen Suceso (‘Good Success’), Thou didst have such a privileged love for Thy daughter and confidant, the Servant of God, Mother MARIANA FRANCISCA DE JESÚS TORRES, during her mortal life. Obtain for us from Our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may prove Thy preferential love for MOTHER MARIANA by granting us the grace we now ask of Thee (mention your request); and the extraordinary favor of seeing her soon raised to the honor of the altars, so that the Church and the Ecuadorian nation may count on a powerful intercessor who will save us from the physical, moral, and social evils that beset our lives and bring us to the brink of despair. Save us with Thy prayers and Thy perpetual love for Quito, all of Ecuador, and Thy children who have recourse to Thee!

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.

Mother Mariana, pray for us!

With our prayers and gratitude in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

The Vennari Family

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23 comments on “Prayer Intention Request from the Vennari Family

  1. Prayed for John Vennari. Mother Mariana, intercede for him!

  2. I will continue to pray the prayer to Our Lady (above) for John Vennari.
    God bless him,
    Holy Mother hug him tight,
    Saint John and Saint Joseph protect him.

  3. I’ve been praying this for John.
    Now there’s a new request from Susan Vennari via The Remnant.

    • Novena to St. Philomena

      O great St. Philomena, glorious Virgin and Martyr, wonder-worker of our age, I return most fervent thanks to God for the miraculous gifts bestowed on thee, and beseech thee to impart to me a share in the graces and blessings of which thou hast been the channel to so many souls.

      Through the heroic fortitude with which thou didst confront the fury of tyrants and brave the frowns of the mighty rather than swerve from thy allegiance to the King of Heaven, obtain for me purity of body and soul, purity of heart and desire, purity of thought and affection.

      Through thy patience under multiplied sufferings, obtain for me a submissive acceptance of all the afflictions it may please God to send me and as thou didst miraculously escape unhurt from the waters of the Tiber, into which thou wert cast by order of thy persecutor, so may I pass through the waters of tribulation without detriment to my soul. In addition to these favors, obtain for me, O faithful spouse of Jesus, the particular intention I earnestly recommend to thee at this moment.

      O pure Virgin and holy Martyr, deign to cast a look of pity from Heaven on thy devoted servant, comfort me in affliction, assist me in danger, above all come to my aid in the hour of death.

      Watch over the interests of the Church of God, pray for its exaltation and prosperity, the extension of the faith, for the Sovereign Pontiff, for the clergy, for the perseverance of the just, the conversion of sinners, and the relief of the souls in Purgatory, especially those dear to me.

      O great Saint, whose triumph we celebrate on earth, intercede for me, that I may one day behold the crown of glory bestowed on thee in Heaven, and eternally bless Him who so liberally rewards for all eternity the sufferings endured for His love during this short life. Amen.

      Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

      Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

      • Thank you, Tom. As someone fortunate enough to have known John for some years, I can tell you with certainty that he and his beautiful family most certainly appreciate with truly holy gratitude the outpouring of support, prayers and encouragement so many fine, fine Catholics have offered the Vennari family since last Summer.

    • Thank you, AT! You’re always there when it counts.

    • I’m joining in with you. Prayed day 1.

  4. Day 1 and 2 prayed.

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