Card. Coccopalmerio: “Maybe we have to reflect on this concept of validity or invalidity“

Card. Coccopalmerio: “Maybe we have to reflect on this concept of validity or invalidity“

Posted on 1 March 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Francesco-CoccopalmerioJust after I read a silly piece from the ridiculous Hans Küng over at the Fishwrap (National Schismatic Reporter) about completely rehabilitating Martin Luther, I flipped over to the National Catholic Register and saw Ed Pentin’s long interview of Card. Coccopalmerio. It concerned mostly his somewhat tangled attempts to explain his little book.

However, Coccopalmerio’s answer to one of Pentin’s question shows somewhat … problematic views on areas outside marriage:

PENTIN: One last topic: At a recent plenary meeting with the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, you reportedly encouraged the members to push for a less rigid understanding of the priesthood, essentially telling them to give up on an objective and metaphysical notion of priesthood. Your notion was that as we have an understanding of different levels of communion with the Church among the baptized, we should have different degrees of the fullness of priesthood, so as to permit Protestants to minister without being fully ordained. What exactly did you say, and why did you say it?

CARD. C: I was saying we have to reflect on questions. We say, everything is valid; nothing is valid. Maybe we have to reflect on this concept of validity or invalidity. The Second Vatican Council said there is a true communion even if it is not yet definitive or full. You see, they made a concept not so decisive, either all or nothing. There’s a communion that is already good, but some elements are missing. But, if you say some things are missing and that therefore there is nothing, you err. There are pieces missing, but there is already a communion, but it is not full communion. The same thing can be said, or something similar, of the validity or invalidity of ordination. I said let’s think about it. It’s a hypothesis. Maybe there is something, or maybe there’s nothing — a study, a reflection.


This sounds like creeping incrementalism.

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5 comments on “Card. Coccopalmerio: “Maybe we have to reflect on this concept of validity or invalidity“

  1. [More on Cardinal Copacabana’s rant]

    Posted by Vox Cantoris at Thursday, March 02, 2017

    Coccopalmerio convicts himself of heresy – implicates Pope Francis

    Where does one even begin to deal with the heresy and apostasy of this Francesco Cardinal Coccopalmerio of the Holy Catholic Church? In former days, the Pope would have called him in to the Papal Apartment, made him kneel before him and strip him of his red hat and send him off to a monastery. Today, we have neither a Pope that respects his Office and Apartment, nor the Truth of the Faith in order to defend it from a heresiarch such as this.

    Not only has this man now attempted to defend the heresy of his “book” on Holy Communion for those in adultery, but he implicates Pope Bergoglio by association and doubles-down with an attack on the very nature of the priesthood itself.

    Can there be any doubt now, dear Catholics, how bad the situation really is? Even Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture has now written calling this, The Disastrous Papacy.

    Edward Pentin, arguably the most credible and well-informed and widely-read Catholic journalist today has conducted an interview with Coccopalmerio. Mr. Pentin asks the very questions you and I would ask including about St. Thomas More to which the Cardinal clearly becomes uncomfortable.

    Coccopalmerio is a heretic. He is an enemy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a Judas, an agent of Satan, He is your enemy and he is mine.

    May he be converted by the Holy Ghost, lest he deceive more or may the Lord send his angels to confound him and to smite him and carry out divine justice.

  2. The first snarky song parody artist to set Cocco-Palmerio to the tune of Barry Manilow’s 1978 “Copacabana” will win the distinguished Weird Al Award. Teilhard, Rahner, or Hans Küng references merit extra credit.

  3. His name was Jorge, from Argentina
    With Teilhard in his head and Hans Küng up in the air
    They liked the Enneagram and did the cha-cha
    And when he became a big global star
    They turned the Church into a bar
    Across the Vatican floor, they worked from eight til four
    They were progressive and modernists
    Who could ask for more?

    Then came Cocco…. Coccopalmerio …..

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