Sex education to be made compulsory in UK Catholic schools [and] UK prelate welcomes government announcement on sex education

Sex education to be made compulsory in UK Catholic schools [and] UK prelate welcomes government announcement on sex education

[To paraphrase Lenin: BritChurch is willing to sell the secularists the rope with which they will hang it]

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March 01, 2017: Sex education to be made compulsory in UK Catholic schools

A move to require sex education in all schools in the United Kingdom has been introduced in Parliament, sparking opposition from some Catholics.

The proposal, advanced by 23 Members of Parliament, would require the introduction of a sex-education program in Catholic schools, as a required part of the National Curriculum. The exact contents of the program have not yet been revealed, but Catholic activists fear that the curriculum would encourage acceptance of sexual activity outside marriage.

March 02, 2017: UK prelate welcomes government announcement on sex education

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon, chairman of the Catholic Education Services in the United Kingdom, welcomed a government announcement that it plans to update the Relationship and Sex Education curriculum in the nation’s schools.

“Catholic schools already teach age-appropriate Relationship and Sex Education in both primary and secondary schools,” he said on March 1. “We additionally welcome the Government’s commitment to protect parental right of withdrawal and involve parents in all stages of the development and delivery of RSE in all schools.”

“We look forward to working closely with the Government to shape any new guidance to enable Catholic schools to continue to deliver outstanding RSE, in accordance with parents’ wishes and Church teaching,” he added.

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3 comments on “Sex education to be made compulsory in UK Catholic schools [and] UK prelate welcomes government announcement on sex education

  1. Church to work with UK government over compulsory sex education to protect Catholic ethos


    It is reassuring that the Government has given a commitment to protect parental rights and the right of Catholic schools to teach Relationship and Sex Education according to Catholic moral teaching. However, what is concerning is that the Government is proposing for the first time to legislate what Catholic schools teach in such a sensitive and politically charged area of the curriculum.

    The Catholic Church upholds sexual morality that the rest of English society once valued, but has now rejected. LGBT advocacy groups, secularist groups and feminist groups all share an agenda to stop our schools teaching Catholic sexual morality. These groups will seize on the government’s announcement to introduce compulsory sex education as an opportunity to whittle away, if not end, the Church’s freedom to teach Catholic children according to God’s plan for love and marriage.

    The current government promises to uphold parental rights and our freedom of religion, but what about future governments that are not so benevolent towards Catholic schools? The fact that this legislation exists at all will give governments antagonistic to the Catholic faith the legal power to interfere with how we raise Catholic children. There are good reasons to fear that Teresa May’s legislation brings the conflict between the Catholic Church and the State one step nearer.

  2. Getting back to basics, the Church has always and vociferously CONDEMNED ANY EFFORT to “instruct” children in matters related to procreation other than under the strictest of supervision and personal control by parents, pastors and (if absolutely necessary) medical professionals. ANY presentation of such matters in a mixed-sex classroom has always been absolutely verboten. Period. (Of course, the V2 crowd ignores this outright.)

    No national council of bishops or even the pope can abrogate moral law and its orthodox enforcement. Not now. Not ever.

    “Woe unto him who would scandalize (i.e., lead into sin) one of these little ones…” was pronounced by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

    There may be a millstone shortage to properly answer this universal, unmitigated disaster.

      For slapping down this creeping Modernism.
      Let’s remember that Deacon “Nick”, God bless him, is a Neo-Con, not a real Traditionalist. For one thing, he is a married deacon, and the married deaconate is an illegitimate Vat II innovation. Also, he’s the UK editor for EWTN, an organization also not on board with Tradition.
      He and EWTN (and so many others), though they have been rightly scandalized by the Judas Pope, have a long way to go before they absorb real, uncompromised Catholicism. Many seem to be of good will, and heading in the right direction, but often they unwittingly assume as Catholic truisms what are in fact Modernist deviations. Usually this is in turn from an assumption that the popes from John XXIII to Benedict XVI were basically good popes.
      The radical favoring of heresy by Francis has shocked them only because they don’t have the background to know that his forerunners favored heresy also (and other deviations). The only reason they have woken up is because Francis has started to blatantly mess with the *morals* of the Church, not just the doctrine.
      May God grant that their emotional, moral reaction lead to an intellectual reaction.
      Deacon Donnelly, start educating yourself as to what the Church taught before Vat II ! The Church did not begin with that robber council. You can start with Divini Illius Magister, by Pius XI.
      Remember, you have a position of influence. If you presume to teach others, you do not have the right to remain ignorant!

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