FrankenPope Praises Sweden as a Positive Example of Integration

FrankenPope Praises Sweden as a Positive Example of Integration

Posted by Oakes Spalding on 2/28/17


In an interview with the “homeless” magazine Scarp de’ tenis (Sneakers), released today, Pope Francis cited, of all places, Sweden as a positive example of integration:

Regarding the 13 refugees who arrived from Lesbos, the Pope pointed out that the families have integrated well into society, with the children being enrolled in schools and their parents having found work. This, according to Pope Francis, is an example of immigrants wanting to fit into and contribute to a new country, and achieving that desire.

To further underline his point, the Pope highlighted the case of Sweden, where almost 10% of the population, including the Minister for Culture, are immigrants. During his own life, in the difficult years of the military dictatorship in Argentina, the Pope often looked to the Swedish as a positive example of integration.

The article in Vatican News from which the above excerpt was taken, does not make it clear why then Father Bergoglio was motivated to ponder Sweden and the issue of immigration during the rule of the Generals in late 1970’s and early 1980’s Argentina. His claim is especially odd considering that Sweden only became explicitly pro-immigrant in 1975 and thus its integration “experiment” was only in its very initial stages during the era the Pope referenced.

Today, of course, Sweden is about as far from a successful example of integration as it can be possible to imagine. In the years since 1975, Sweden has gone from having one of the lowest crime rates in the West to being one of the rape capitals of the world. Large sections of its major cities are now “no-go” areas where police and other city workers rarely venture. And large scale urban riots involving the torching of cars, among other things, are regular occurrences.

Most of the Jewish residents of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, have left the city or emigrated from Sweden entirely due to a hostile Muslim population approaching 50% of Malmo’s total.

Some believe that Sweden is close to civil war.

The Pope, who once admitted that his only formal source of news is reading the leftist newspaper La Repubblica for ten minutes a day, is completely clueless.

Or not.

Like many Catholics these days, I don’t really trust anything he says. He clearly is just as hostile to traditional European civilization as he is to traditional Catholic teaching. And he certainly has an affectation for promoting the interests of Muslims.

Civil war, or if not, a largely Islamized Europe?

Could it be that Francis knows perfectly well where his “pro-migrant” stance is leading?

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3 comments on “FrankenPope Praises Sweden as a Positive Example of Integration

  1. Pope gives up impromptu interviews for Lent

    Vatican City, March 1

    Saying that fasting is so passé and a bit Jansenist, Pope Francis took to the lead in giving a new example to the Church. “I’m giving up impromptu interviews,” he said to stunned press corp. “Some folks like to fast or diet or whatever. I love wagging my tongue, so I’m giving that up.”

    Asked why he didn’t give the interview prior to Ash Wednesday, the pope became a bit terse. “You doctors of the law really want to trip me up, trip up all us good Catholics. You self-absorbed neo-pelagians! Just for you, I’m going to loosen the rules for those victims of your rigidity. All those in second marriages, all cohabiting couples, feel free to run your air conditioners so you can be comfortable in your bedrooms.”

  2. How does the United States get labeled a racist nation when it has welcomed every country in the world when Sweden finally after centuries finally welcomes one group it is an example.

    • That’s a really good point. When you think about it, what the country of blondes and saunas and modern wood furniture did to itself in such a relatively short period of time is, among other things, just . . . odd.

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