Catholic Civil War: Pick a side

Michael Voris
March 1, 2017

For more, see video of March 1, 2017 Download TRAIN ‘REC’ CATHOLICISM: Firsthand accounts of the LA Religious Education Congress; Michael Voris returns from his visit to the L.A. REC — and he has a lot to say. [Will post video on AQ when (and if) it becomes available on YouTube – AQ moderator Tom]

TRANSCRIPT of Vortex episode

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris, coming to you from the controversial and notorious Los Angeles Religious Education Congress here at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.

As we enter the Lenten season today, we find a Church in a state of civil war — and that is not an exaggeration. We here at Church Militant have been saying for years that a war was going on for the soul and heart of the Church.

That war has now erupted into the open, and evidence of that is extremely obvious here at the Religious Education Congress — also known as the LA REC. Just looking around, there are groups advocating for women priests just outside the doors, Protestant speakers on the main stage like Jim Wallis using racism as a switch and bait for Marxist social justice causes disguised as “the Gospel,” and dissident priests pushing for acceptance of active homosexuality in the Church like Fr. Bryan Massingale. Add to that Arthur Fitzmaurice, who just comes flat-out and says the Church is wrong on its sexual teachings, and they need to be dumped – all of them.

There are various workshops of the more than 250 total, advocating for liturgical dancing, modern music, jazzing up the Mass and so forth. The list of dissent, nutty ideas, abuses and flat-out weird things is too long to enumerate. But what is noteworthy here is the number of Catholics who sense down deep that something is wrong with all this dissent, vagueness, lack of clarity and constant hammering for liberal social justice causes thinly veiled as Catholicism.

For example, during a main arena talk on Saturday morning where leftist Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, pushed such issues as “white privilege” and a complete misreading of the Church’s social doctrine, in addition to just plain old race-baiting — he opened the floor to questions.

Church Militant went to the microphone and asked him if he was so supportive of biblical principles and Christianity, why he took two separate donations from George Soros’ group, Open Societies Foundation?

Wallis initially lied to a reporter who exposed this back in 2010, and then later denied it again before eventually apologizing and admitting the truth that yes, he had in fact accepted two grants — one for $150,000 that he characterized as a small grant. In total, his group accepted $325,000 from Soros between 2004 and 2007.

The mostly liberal audience of older liberals didn’t like the question, but, and here’s the point, a good number of people came up to us after the conference and said thank you for opposing him. We got a number of emails and texts in addition to the face-to-face encounters saying the same thing. One lady even told us she was so bothered by what Wallis was saying that she had to leave the arena and pray an Our Father.

What’s the point of all this? That for the first time, you can sense the growing backlash by faithful orthodox Catholics — many of them younger Catholics who have approached us — and are sick to death of hearing about immigration and not abortion, liturgical dancing and not Eucharistic reverence, the call for marriage “equality” and not the call to chastity and holiness.

On a personal note, our crew was actually struck by the number of attendees who recognized Church Militant and came up and said “Thank you!” for the work we do and how they consider it important for the Church in this civil war.

I even had a brief encounter in the hotel lobby with L.A. Abp. Jose Gomez and told him that dissent was being preached from various speakers at his conference. After a moment of pleasantries, he thanked me for the information. The inside chatter is that Archbishop Gomez is trying to change the culture of the archdiocese from extremely modernist and dissident to more faithful.

But here on the ground, there is still too much dissent and heresy for regular Catholics – many of whom are beginning to wake up to the civil war. Something’s wrong, deeply wrong, and that is beginning to dawn on them. And if the hierarchy won’t do something about it, then they are going to.

Reporting from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress with our continuing series of reports – Michael Voris for Church Militant.

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    The archdiocese will pay for this!

    Michael Voris
    The Vortex
    March 2, 2017


    Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris, coming to you from the Los Angeles Archdiocese Religious Education Congress — noted for hosting dissenting and disobedient voices every year.

    Faithful Catholics have a real and serious concern with what happens here every year at the congress. It’s predominantly aimed at teachers and catechists, and that’s part of the problem. There are close to 250 workshops, and very few of them present anything of authentic Catholicism. And many of them actually present distorted and dissenting views of the authentic faith. And largely those distorted presentations are about the Church’s sexual morality, denying and perverting the actual teachings by clever presenters who twist just enough scripture and tradition to make unaware Catholics begin to doubt the teachings. The congress really took on the character of major dissent under former archbishop, Cdl. Roger Mahoney.

    The enormous push for the past few years has been for embracing homosexuality and most recently, transgenderism, a popular name for those who suffer with the mental disorder of gender dysphoria. Speakers here at the Catholic congress got to push their evil-minded anti-Catholic agenda with 100s sometimes even 1,000s in attendance at their talks.

    What’s especially unfair is that religious ed teachers and catechists in the L.A. archdiocese are required to attend this event, which is designed to “educate” them so they will be better catechists. So most attendees are Catholics in charge of teaching others about the faith, which, if you ever attend this horrible convocation, you will realize pretty quickly — is a joke. There is little to maybe even nothing here — at least of substance — taught about the Catholic faith.

    What strictly “Catholic” issues are spoken of, almost exclusively, are “Church of Nice” innovations in liturgy, pop theology and various other topics which undermine the faith. There is an occasional workshop scattered around the three-day congress, which is benign enough on its own but nothing of real meat. Almost all the main stage speakers are socialists or theological dissidents or both. And at least one of them not even Catholic — Jim Wallis used his time to bash so-called “white privilege” — all in the name of the Gospel, of course.

    But by far and away the most disturbing presentations were those that undermined Church teaching and in some cases outright bashed it in the areas of sexual morality. Father Bryan Massingale said it’s Church teaching that Catholics don’t have to follow Church teaching. Sort of makes the Church pointless, right? He slowly and methodically presented selected quotes from various Church documents to convince his audience that Church teaching on sexual morality can be rejected if you believe in your conscience — your actions are okay. And he said we have to take into account in forming our consciences the reality of our circumstances. That if we are in a situation where we can’t live out the teachings, and we sincerely believe that, then its okay to violate the “rules” of the Church. He used the expression “rules” of the Church a lot.

    Then we can move onto Arthur Fitzmaurice, a highly effeminate, admitted homosexual who has called the Church’s teaching on homosexuality “gravely evil language.” He claims that “God made me gay.” Fitzmaurice is the former chair of the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons, begun by dissident Cdl. Roger Mahoney. At last year’s congress, Fitzmaurice was over the top excited when an openly homosexual couple brought up the gifts at the offertory with their son and presented them to Abp. Jose Gomez.

    Both Massingale and Fitzmaurice insist — and tell their audiences who are forced to be there by the archdiocese — that the Church’s language in the Catechism about homosexuality has to go. In another symposium where both Massingale and Fitzmaurice were presenters, the idea that transgenderism is normal and the Church needs to get on board was presented by a group of men, who think they are women.

    The archdiocese has a lot to answer for. It allows and even promotes these anti-Catholic lectures. It takes money from the collection baskets of unknowing Catholics and uses it to pay for this filth. Upwards of 40,000 people attend this congress — many of them forced to by the archdiocese if they are teachers or catechists. Its a little pricey — about $250 a head. Roughly half the attendees are those from L.A. who are forced to attend and for whom the archdiocese picks up the tab in the form of reimbursement. However you add things up, reimbursement plus the actual cost of the entire event, including speakers fees, travel, food, accommodations, when the final tally comes in — it’s in the millions and millions of dollars.

    Two weekends ago here in L.A., the archdiocese forced almost every parish to take a collection to funnel money to poorer parishes. The guilt trip was laid on about the archdiocese not having enough money to help poor struggling parishes and schools and the duty of less poor parishes to help out. Well, if they are truly concerned about the poor, cancelling this event would be a good place to start. Take the millions you spend here every year and help out the poor parishes instead.

    What was said from so many stages and podiums at this horrible congress was abominable, horrific and flat-out evil. And it was all done under the cover of being Catholic. In those talks Church Militant attended, which was more than a dozen, it was striking how much support for the dissent there was among the audience members. Loud cheering, sustained applause and booing whenever the modernist “Church of Nice” party line was questioned by us or others.

    Archdiocesan leaders all the way up to the archbishop are not only allowing and in some cases promoting this evil, they are also taking the money from good Catholics at Mass and paying for it. And then taxing parishes to make up the lost revenue. This is a wicked evil scam, and it needs to end. Every soul that sits in these talks and starts to doubt the teachings of the Church and eventually deserts the faith will have to be accounted for by the archbishop and his staff. For the archdiocese, it’s all about money. For the presenters and dissidents and heretics who give the talks, it’s all about sex.

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