Did San Diego bishop McElroy boost Trump among Catholics?

Did San Diego bishop McElroy boost Trump among Catholics?

Unintended consequence of rebuking pro-life Father Perozich: “Bishop McElroy’s insertion of his comments spread my parish conscience-guidance to Catholics and others nationwide.”

“Thank you, Bishop McElroy”


Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, calling for disruption of Trump’s America, suggested during a conference in Modesto in mid-February that establishing a $15 minimum wage is part of “our work (as) co-creators with God.”
McElroy claimed that “the tradition of Catholic social teaching is unequivocally on the side of strong governmental and societal protections,” and also that free markets “must be structured by government to accomplish the common good.”
[But] a priest McElroy rebuked before Trump’s election, San Diego pastor Richard Perozich, who had pointed out the traditional five “non-negotiable” issues of Catholic teaching to his congregation as the November 8 national election approached, including abortion and euthanasia, made an interesting point following the Modesto conference.
In a February 21 email to the Wanderer, Perozich, a San Diego pastor at Immaculate Conception church in Old Town, suggested that McElroy’s rebuke of him before the election, which drew national attention, may have had an effect contrary to McElroy’s intention and had helped Trump win.
“When I made my election guidance statements, my target audience was the 300 families of Immaculate Conception (parish),” Perozich said. “Bishop McElroy’s insertion of his comments into the situation at Immaculate Conception with the San Diego press spread my parish conscience-guidance to Catholics and others nationwide, rather than containing it locally.
“His manner of speaking and rebuke which went nationwide in November may have contributed to the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, rather than just to my parishioners in formation of their consciences as I intended. Now the response of that unintended consequence may be in play,” Perozich said.

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10 comments on “Did San Diego bishop McElroy boost Trump among Catholics?

  1. I’ve been a supporter of President Trump since he announced his intention to run for office in June of 2015.
    Yet even if I wasn’t behind 99.9% of his policies I would be now just knowing that people like Jorge Bergoglio, McElroy and a host of others, not to mention McElroy quoting an encyclical of “saint” John Paul II are against many of his policies.
    These worldly, modernist and liberal “prelates”, like their Alinskyite comrades in Hollywood, many in the establishment etc just make President Trump even stronger to many Catholics.
    So yes, I think so

    • A firm in which I was involved did business with the new President and he visited our operation. He was engaging, ebullient, most gracious and created quite a sensation – entirely favorable. So, full disclosure on that point.

      I’ve never followed his career although his famous text, now required reading in many B Schools, was quite instructive and useful.

      My interest in his success on political issues is tempered by points others have already raised on this forum.

      That he did stop Hitlery was nothing less than a blessing for America. I think that is incontrovertible.

      My personal attitude going forward is that whenever he or any federal official makes a correct decision, I will be grateful. Other than that, it’s still a dogfight and the Left won’t give up doing all in its power to demean, defame and defeat him at every bend.

      • Trump Goes Mute on Moral Issues

        Catholic League
        March 1, 2017

        Bill Donohue comments on President Trump’s address to the Congress:

        President Trump raised everyone’s expectations by delivering a powerful speech last night outlining his agenda for defense, jobs, infrastructure, healthcare, education, immigration, and other policy matters. But he said not a word about moral issues.

        The following words were never mentioned: abortion, assisted suicide, religion, religious liberty, and religious exemptions. The closest Trump came was to include support for religious schools in his school choice proposal.

        While Trump is correct to cite education as a civil rights issue, he is wrong to say it is “the civil rights issue of our time.” To be sure, children have a right to a good education, but that is predicated on their right to be born, a right that does not exist.

        The fight for religious exemptions, as a cornerstone of religious liberty, is being waged with ferocity across the nation. One might have thought that a president, who has floated a very fine draft of an executive order on religious liberty, might have made mention of this subject, if not the draft, in his remarks.

        The problem with Trump’s speech is that it only spoke about missiles and markets, never citing morality. This is popular with many Republicans, whose only goals are making money and protecting national security. But without demonstrating a concern for the moral order, the two “M’s” of missiles and markets are an insufficient condition of the good society: the third “M,” morality, must be added if success is to be achieved.

        • If the country gets school choice, constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court, and no more federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the thrice-married casino owner will have done more for America than previous RINOs or even Reagan. But school choice, a lighter tax burden on the middle class, more jobs, and vetting of potential anti-Christian terrorists are moral issues. The agenda is more “moral” than the totalitarian socialism some of the USCCB modernists are pushing. Trump may not be Fulton Sheen but this is MUCH better than the alternative.

  2. Now is the time for all of the so-called “conservatives” in the Novus Ordo mess to climb into the pulpits and denounce every Pro-abort Catholic politician (and non-Catholic for that matter). After decades of the USCCB decreeing that names could not be used in the pulpit, now this jackass (my sincere apologies to jackasses) with a miter says it’s OK as long as it’s a protest against anything that is non-Democrat.

  3. While my Catholic adherence to doctrine and morals is presumably closer to the views of the priest here than the bishop, I still have to say that I find the ‘non-negotiable’ five voter guide sloganeering by Catholic Answers and others to not be persuasive and has the appearance of a theological con job.

    By rationalizing the removal of artificial contraception and its related destruction of unborn life, as well as, in some formulations, restricting the embryonic stem cell research criteria to public funding only, this approach enables somebody to rationalize the support of all sorts of Republican figures they want to without holding them accountable to the fullness ofCatholic truth.

    Perhaps those who love the current president so much can explain how he makes the grade when it comes to homosexual marriage [a settled matter, so we are told], ongoing private embryonic stem cell research, and contraceptive abortifacient destruction of life. Not to mention being an inveterate fabricator of falsehoods.

  4. At the moment there is not a viable coalition in secular politics in America for those other issues. Of the orthodox Catholics who have been properly educated on such matters and who still attend Mass regularly, they do not have the numbers or the influence to carry the day on artificial birth control or the definition of marriage. We were lucky that Hillary’s policies on government-funded late-term partial-birth abortion and open-borders for psychotic, genocidal, anti-Christian Barbary Pirates were just barely prevented from entering the White House by a few thousands votes in four key states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin). Without that remnant of pre-Vatican II natural law common sense among such Catholic voters you could have kissed America and all of Western civilization goodbye (if Hillary had won). That was just barely prevented from happening. Something to think about and ponder very carefully.

    The Illuminati still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and with the mainstream media under their control they are getting a lot of mileage out of the fake news “Russia hacked the election” narrative. This isn’t over yet. With the Alinskyite Communist Cloward-Piven strategy in full tilt in Europe to swing demographics against Christians and Europeans there is plenty of mayhem on the way. That could happen here if the Trump coalition falls apart and the globalist secret society cabals rig the next election for the secular Left. People should start thinking about what their plans will be if that happens. They want Christians to be outnumbered for a global socialist police state to come in. It’s the same tactic the Illuminati and Cromwellians used against Catholics in Northern Ireland. You bring in hostile, homicidal outsiders to attack the population. They are doing that now in Europe. If it happens here there will be nowhere left to flee to.

    If there is a political plan to convince American Protestants and liberals to give up on birth control, let’s hear it. At the moment the Bergoglian Vatican is entertaining Paul Ehrlich and other Illuminati freemason Malthusian population control freaks in the modernist Spirit of Vatican II ecumenical dialogue and climate change hysteria. Our goose may not be quite cooked yet, but it’s getting very warm in the oven right now.

    • Good points, Howl.
      FWI, I disagree with the Neo-Con Donohue, and agree with Trump that education is the civil rights issue of our time.
      It is ridiculously blind to suppose that abortion, let alone contraception, can be overturned as long as the nation has such a huge number of wacked out liberals that a fiend like Killary could have won the popular vote. You can pass all the laws you want, but if a large proportion of the populace is going to rebel, it won’t last long.
      And why does the youth heavily vote liberal?
      And as older, more conservative voters die off, who replaces them?
      Everyone knows that the NEA is wildly liberal.
      It’s the education system, stupid.

      • There is not a political coalition in contemporary American secular politics with enough influence or numbers to pass legislation banning artificial birth control. Planned Parenthood is being cut off from federal funding. Trump nixed Obama’s executive order on global abortion funding. That is about as much as one can reasonably expect at this point. There is a lot of damage to Catholic education from Land O’Lakes and Vatican II that needs to be addressed before even Catholics will provide sufficient numbers in politics for some of these issues. It is not reasonable or realistic to expect a thrice-married Presbyterian to have the correct Catholic position on every issue. Is the glass half empty or half full? Those still unhappy need to find better Catholic conservative pro-life candidates with enough charisma and political savvy to navigate through electoral math. So far we have not seen them. There is still that problem of public opinion and the need to evangelize, educate, and catechize American voters on a lot of these issues. That’s not happening under Bergoglio, Land O’Lakes, and Vatican II, despite some marginal progress in a few key states in 2016.

  5. Somebody has to take that Alinsky Marxist Moron McElroy on and put him in his place and tell him to shut up. He is trying to get the Cardinal job in LA once Gomez leaves and will continue to spout his BS until he either gets the job or people start to turn against him. He is spouting the Commie line as is the Beluga Whale Francis. Also, I.C.E. or the FBI need to pay him a visit and haul his fat rear end away for consorting with the enemy, Muslim terrorists in the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a traitor to this Great Country as are most of the idiots they call bishops. Sanctuary Cities my rear end, lock the commies up.

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