But for the Esquiline, Bishop Fellay? For the Esquiline?

But for the Esquiline, Bishop Fellay? For the Esquiline?

FEB 27, 2017 by HILARY WHITE

“For Wales? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for Wales!”


“Hey guys! Guess who just called! The Devil! And he said we could have this whole great big house on the Esquiline he’s not using. And he promised he TOTally won’t try to destroy us… Isn’t that great news?!”

You meet people in Rome who are dazzled by all the Romeness of everything. They have a kind of glazed and giddy expression, like they just can’t believe they are there… really really there…!! They wear their best cassocks, freshly pressed, shoes shined, faces scrubbed… You know… you just know that they’ve got visions dancing in their wee heads of themselves having important meetings with important prelates, talking about their important plans to importantly save the world, while sitting and sipping tea in frescoed Baroque splendor.

So, after 40 years of resistance, now the carrot has been dangled that has never been dangled before and suddenly we’re being scolded about anonymous blogging priests and the deeply, deeply offensive poster campaign in Rome… Tut tut… that’s not the way we do things.

Rumours… rumours… rumours… it’s the stock in trade of the Vatican reporter, of course, but the rumours have it that the deal is done.

In case anyone’s wondering, no.

No, I will not go meekly into the re-education camp that is currently being planned. I don’t care how good the music is.

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3 comments on “But for the Esquiline, Bishop Fellay? For the Esquiline?

  1. If Bergoglio can get traditional Catholics installed in first-rate facilities in Rome, why not at Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Boston College, et al.? And in every diocese in the U.S.?
    Why should the standards be different in Rome and in the U.S.?

  2. I wonder how many bishops could be put in the place of Richard in that scene from A Man For All Seasons? How many bishops in today’s Church have sold their souls for some pathetic promotion or advancement in the Church? How many bishops have become Cardinals by such selling of their souls?

  3. They should do a few basic things with the headquarters in Rome which could help the Church. They should have a choir to sing Gregorian chant for High Mass. The Divine Office should also be said in Latin. They should establish a college with a four-year curriculum focusing on the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas which is open to laymen seeking B.A. and M.A. degrees. Students from all over the world already study at various locations in Rome every year.Why not make available to them a traditional Catholic education?

    Just to keep things interesting they should send a few Society members to enroll in degrees at the Gregorian every year.

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