FrankenPope Lampooned at Huge Viagreggio Carnival Parade as “Papa Communista”

FrankenPope Lampooned at Huge Viagreggio Carnival Parade as “Papa Communista”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred

Che Pope with Hammer and Sickle

(Rome) Rose Monday is a traditionally cheerful day celebrated in the Rhineland and the Alemanic areas with large carnival parades. Four years ago, on this day, the Catholic Church was struck by the unexpected announcement of Pope Benedict XVI. Surprising, as he was the first head of the Church in history to step down from his office because of old age and weakness. In 2017, Pope Francis was the main figure of the largest Italian Carnival parade – in a very special way.
At Carnevale di Viareggio, Italy’s most famous carnival parade, to which more than 300,000 people came to the Tuscan city this year, were met by a float dedicated to Pope Francis.

Fidel Castro, one of the four Communist “godfathers” of the “Papa Comunista”

The Catholic Church’s chief was portrayed with a radiant face, Che Guevara cap and red star. His shepherd’s staff in his right hand was not decorated by a cross, but by hammer and sickle. Apparently it was a homage to the hammer and sickle cross, which Bolivian President Evo Morales had given to the pope in 2015. The left hand was clenched to the fist, the battle salute of the workers’ movement, which is still practiced by left-wing groups. The pope was surrounded by putti-like gold figures depicting Marx, Lenin, Mao and Fidel Castro.
In short, Pope Francis was shown as “Papa Comunista”, “Communist Pope”.The laughing expression of the face of the carnival figure testified that the authors did not mean this representation negatively in any way.
The Carnival parade of Viareggio, a town in deeply political Tuscany, was founded in 1873, when some rich citizens disguised themselves to demonstrate incognito against excessive taxes. Since then, the move has served as a “valve” to let go of displeasure in current circumstances or to express things that are otherwise might not be said.

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4 comments on “FrankenPope Lampooned at Huge Viagreggio Carnival Parade as “Papa Communista”

  1. That photo of Papa Comunista in the Carnevale parade in Viareggio will make a great book cover for a book on the Bergoglian pontificate. It captures the giddiness, lunacy, and destructiveness of the wreckless progressive modernism which is bringing about the implosion of the Catholic Church.

  2. [More pictures from Carnevale di Viareggio; hat-tip to Vox Cantoris]


    The beloved Pope Bergoglio has made his debut among the masks of the Carnival of Viareggio. Developed by Michele Cinquini and Silvia Cirri, the float in which the Holy Father will appear along with Vladimir Putin is, satirically, the tight restrictions that Russian President imposed against homosexuals. But how can that be? Even the Church is showing signs of great openness to sensitive issues like this, thanks to the charisma and great love for the next Pope Francis, who is represented here on the head of the Kremlin behind which, coincidentally, is rigged and transvestite the whole point. – Google translation from


  3. Posted by New Catholic at 2/28/2017

    The pontificate summarized

    Conservative and traditional-minded Catholics were heavily criticized for the anonymous posters spread around Rome a few weeks ago with not a single mistake: both content and image were rigorously correct, not an unjust criticism of the Pope.

    Naturally, no one ever proved that any conservative Catholic was behind the posters.

    Because the fact that this Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is a Socialist and a strong-armed politician is a common conclusion throughout Italy — as was seen this weekend in the Carnival parades of Viareggio, coastal Tuscany.


    Now, if there is one thing one can be sure regarding conservative and traditionalist Catholics is that they abhor festivities and debaucheries such as those of Carnival and Mardi Gras. So there is no way any serious Catholic is behind this float. What it means is that the view of the pope as a partisan hard-leftist politician has become so ingrained in Italian folk imagination that it has even reached the ironic and comic Carnevale: the Pope’s angels according to the Italian vox populi are Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Fidel…

    (Sources: Antonio Socci and Le Forum Catholique)

  4. One thing is for sure, these floats are an accurate depiction of the philosophy and ideology of Jorge Bergoglio.
    It’s sad and frustrating, but true

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