Idiots, Agents of Satan or Being Blackmailed???

We have two guys (at least I think they’re guys) wearing the white cassocks of the papacy in Rome these days and one can justly ask the question: “Are they idiots, agents of Satan, or are they being blackmailed by enemies of the Church?” Idiots because in the end they know that the justice of Almighty God will wreak vengeance on their immortal souls; agents of Satan because they know that the final battle between Satan and God’s Church is in play and they choose to be on Satan’s side; or blackmailed by the “gay lobby” which equates sodomy and unnatural sex with “human rights.” God created a beautiful world and placed man and woman in a garden of Eden. We all know what happened and we should thank Almighty God for giving us innumerable “second chances.” Hopefully, with Lent fast approaching we won’t flub it up this time.

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