Right Wing Fringe Group???

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  1. [ChurchMilitant on an earlier and similar hit-piece from the New York Times]

    All the News That’s Fit to Distort

    The Download panel responds to the New York Times

    by Church Militant • January 5, 2017 20 Comments

    The New York Times profile on Church Militant, published December 30, has been roundly panned by critics as a “hit piece” and “one of the worst pieces of journalism” they had read.

    The lynch pin on which the entire piece hung was contrasting this apostolate’s understanding of “the Church Militant” with that of the Church Herself — as if the two were in opposition. This involved the author’s willfully ignoring what Michael Voris said during the interview.

    Following is an excerpt from our transcript [of the NYT article]:

    Samuel Freedman: What does the term Church Militant connote? … I just want to get a sense of how you position it.

    Michael Voris: It’s a term that has been used theologically for centuries and centuries and centuries. What it really refers to is the war, the spiritual warfare or the spiritual combat that must take place in every individual’s soul to resist evil and to do good. And that’s largely what it is.

    That also, however, does have a social dimension. If I’m a father and I have five children and they’re walking down the street with me and we walk past some stores and there’s pictures or videos or whatever or naked women in the store and there’s someone over here handing out condoms and these guys over here are saying whatever immorality thing you want to talk about — well, then I have a duty to fight against that as well, because that is the spillover of other people’s militancy, that they have lost a sense of morality, and them losing a sense of morality impacts my children who I want to instill a certain morality in to. So none of this is private. It’s personal but it’s not private.

    Freedman entirely left out Voris’ definition in his article, instead quoting from Notre Dame Theology Professor John Cavadini, framing his quote as seemingly in opposition to Voris’, when in fact both of them perfectly agree:

    A lot of the struggle of the Church Militant is against interior temptations that lead you to greed and all kinds of spiritual pathologies. And it’s about engaging in acts of mercy. Part of the victory of the Church Militant is the victory of love. It didn’t have the triumphalist and militarized connotation that’s been attached to it now.

    This was only one example among many of the intellectual dishonesty of Freedman’s piece.

  2. MSN.com: Is ‘Church Militant’ the Next Right-Wing Media Empire?

    Big media asks the question following front-page spread in USA Today

    by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • ChurchMilitant • February 20, 2017

    Detroit – Big media is up in arms over the growing influence of Church Militant.

    In the wake of an article February 19 on “Church Militant” by the Detroit Free Press titled “How a Right-Wing Ferndale Fringe Group Is Building a Multimedia Empire,” MSN.com posted a video Monday asking: “Is ‘Church Militant’ the next right-wing media empire?”

    USA Today carried the article by Detroit Free Press in its Sunday paper, and its author Robert Allen notes, “Church Militant broadcasts … orthodox Catholic news on its website churchmilitant.com and through social media, using high-tech, professional production studios that rival those at local TV news stations.”

    President and founder of the organization, Michael Voris — with more more than 25 years of professional news experience under his belt — knows how things are supposed to look in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Having worked for affiliates of Fox News and CBS, Voris has a broad background in studio production. His four Emmy awards for investigative journalism are testimony to his ability to hunt down and produce impressive investigative pieces.

    Voris pours this talent and experience into Church Militant on a daily basis — a main reason for its continued growth and success. He notes that the tax-exempt non-profit is first and foremost an apostolate, having as its goal the salvation of souls. It must also fit into the template of a news outfit by necessity, he adds. Last year, St. Michael’s Media took in $2.186 million but spent $2.159 million in the process (TV production is an expensive business). With a $27,000 difference, no one is getting wealthy in the process.

    The MSN.com video makes the claim that members of Church Militant “adore Trump.” Voris denies stumping for Trump during the presidential election.

    “We were warning Catholics that Hillary Clinton was a threat to faithful Catholics as evidenced by her speech in 2015 where she warned that ‘religious beliefs … have to be changed,'” the senior executive producer said.

    He further noted that this threat was further made known by a series of Wikileaks emails, exposing communications by Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta. These exposed emails showed an agenda by Clintonites to subvert the Catholic faith by using false Catholic groups like Catholic United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Alerting Catholics to this danger was Voris’ main concern.

    The recent rash of news coverage by big media started with a hit piece on Church Militant by the New York Times on December 30. That article — “Church Militant Theology Is Put to New and Politicized Use” — tried in vain to tie the organization to Steve Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist.

    A futile effort was similarly made February 11 by Huffington Post in an article titled “Bannon Wants a War and He Will Use Jesus to Get One.” Church Militant has repeatedly made clear to both organizations that Steve Bannon’s use of the spiritual term “The Church Militant” — signifying Christians on earth waging spiritual battle for souls — is not an endorsement of the legal corporation known by a similar name.

    It seems that “fake news” has shifted from the groundless assertion that Bannon is somehow associated with Church Militant and is now more concerned about the strides the organization is making in the arena of public opinion. How big the organization will become is now the main question.

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