FrankenPope’s “reform” of the Roman Curia

[FrankenPope’s “reform” of the Roman Curia]

From Gloria.TV News on the 20th of February 2017

Personal: Marco Tosatti writes that Francis’ reform of the Roman Curia is radically personalized. Francis choses people not according to their capacities but according to their subservience and unconditional loyalty to his person.

The Opposite: Tosatti notices that Francis did not fulfill the wishes of the cardinals prior to his election in 2013. They asked for downsizing the power of the Secretary of State and for regular meetings between the heads of the Vatican Congregations and the pope. The opposite happened. Some heads of Congregations almost never get a chance to see Francis, others have to wait for month until they receive an appointment.

Empty Shells: According to Tosatti, Francis has created a parallel Curia. Unloved collaborators of the Curia are quietly removed. According to Tosatti this happens, “in considerable numbers.” Where this is not possible without creating a scandal, they are turned into – quote – “empty shells” who are de facto disempowered. Tosatti mentions the head of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Ouellet, the head of the Congregation for Worship, Cardinal Sarah, and the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Müller.

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