“Islamic terrorism does not exist” (!?)

Francis:Islamic terrorism does not exist

Magdi Cristiano Allam:Dear Pope Francis, You’re wrong, islamic terrorism does exist

[Google translation of Magdi Allam’s reply – currently available only in Italian]

“Pope Francis is mistaken: Islamic terrorism exists”

It is not the first time he takes the field to fulfill the responsibility of Islam from terrorism. The reality is different

It is not the first time that Pope Francis takes the field to fulfill the responsibilities of terrorism from Islam who slaughters, beheading, massacre and blows himself up screaming “Allah is the greatest.”

He did it in the aftermath of the massacre of the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015 in Paris, coming to justify the atrocities Isis to have represented irreverently Muhammad. He did it in the aftermath of the barbaric slaughtering July 26, 2016 in a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in Normandy, the elderly Catholic priest Jacques Hamel by two young French Muslim terrorists. Five days later, on Sunday, July 31, like the Church to have to exonerate and almost were Christianity properly extend a hand to Islam, the imams were allowed to enter the churches in Italy and France, to go up on the altar flanked by the priest and recite verses from the Koran in Arabic. It was the first time ever that happened in 1400 years of the history of Islam. The Church for 1400 years has always condemned Islam, has always condemned the Koran, he has always condemned Mohammed. There had never been such a blatant and formal legitimacy of Islam as a religion.

The statement of Pope Francis made yesterday at the University Roma Tre, “there is no Christian terrorism, there is no Jewish terrorism and there is no Islamic terrorism” is a step further by crediting religious relativism. Put on the same plane Judaism, Christianity and Islam, assolvendoli indiscriminately and uncritically because they would be the “three great monotheistic religions, revealed, Abrahamic”, arguing that all three would worship the same God “merciful and compassionate”, requires us to the conclusion that the ‘ Islam is a legitimate religion without regard to its content and violent behavior of his followers.

Pope Francis is wrong to automatically superimpose the size of the person with the dimension of religion. Christianity is based on love of neighbor, a Christian is bound to love Christian Muslim regardless of his faith, but not to legitimize his religion even if its contents are completely incompatible with the Christian faith, because Islam condemns Judaism and Christianity of disbelief and legitimizes the killing of unbelievers.

It is sufficient that Pope Francis would listen more carefully the priests and the Christian bishops and Catholics of the East, who know Arabic and the Koran, who have suffered discrimination and suffered the Islamic persecution for the simple fact of being a Christian.

Papa Francesco wrong doing their thesis that prevailed within the leadership of the Church, according to which the enemy to fight is the secularization of society and the rise of atheism, especially among young people. In this context it has come to the conclusion that Islam would be an ally because it still keeps up the idea of ​​God. It is a tragic mistake because it is not the same God. There is nothing that unites the God Father of Christianity with the Islamic Allah that in verses 12-17 of Sura 8 of thunders Quran “will cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Then smite the head and neck (…) There are some of you who have killed them, but Allah killed them. ”

Pope Francis mistaken promoting immigrationism which is self-invading Europe of millions of Muslim youngsters. How can you imagine that the regeneration of life and the revitalization of spirituality in this decadent Europe can be realized with the replacement of our population with a mongrel humanity and with the advent of Islam? The continuous historical reference on ethnic influences that have characterized the history of Europe is wrong, and because it was Christian populations or acceded to Christianity, especially since both Europe and the Church have been able to preserve their identity and their civilization just because they fought and defeated the armies of Islamic invaders at Poitiers (732), with the Reconquista (1492), at Lepanto (1571), in Vienna (1683).

Papa Francesco remember that throughout the Mediterranean was Christian until the seventh century. And that in less than 200 years after Muhammad’s death in 632 the Christian population to 98% that lived in the eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean were violently subjugated to Islam. To get it evoked in his keynote address at Regensburg September 12, 2006 Benedict XVI was put on the cross until he was forced to resign.

Pope Francis probably already knows everything and therefore we can not continue to say that is wrong. We must have the intellectual honesty and the human courage to say that Pope Francis is consciously complying with a strategy to ensure legitimacy of Islam as a religion at any cost, even if it will culminate in the suicide of the Church.

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