Five step programme to re-write Catholicism

Five step programme to re-write Catholicism

With the latest from Fra Cristoforo

FEB 16, 2017 by HILARY WHITE

In the City all day, in conversations with various contacts, so not much from me today.

Except to report on the rapidly growing consensus that the long game is to impose formally onto the existing structures of the Church an entirely new religion.

Over the next nine months look for them to bring in, one at a time (in no particular order):

1) some form of non-canonical female “diaconate” (that we won’t officially call the diaconate, at least not just yet)

2) the mass reinstatement of priests who were laicised in order to get married

3) formalized permission for intercommunion with non-Catholic Christian communities

4) some decree devolving doctrinal jurisdiction to national conferences

5) the declaration of a Council or Council-like assembly of world religious leaders to ratify a pre-written declaration of a global, humanistic, Christ-less Christianity


The latest from Fra Cristoforo:


“Tip-offs on Intercommunion, part IV: whether the C9 are hiding something”

by Fra Cristoforo

I begin this post by citing for you an article by Sandro Magister, which confirms all the “Tip-offs” about intercommunion with the Lutherans (read here)

That was just to tell you that we are not making up what we write. But there’s more. In these days the famous C9 was held, that is, the council of 9 Cardinals of whom we have spoken before. These 9 Cardinals are the “councillors” of Bergoglio. And the press office of the Vatican publishes the contents of these meetings, aside from, however, a topic which seems still to have to stay confidential.

That is “Intercommunion”.

Bergoglio has not managed to attend all the meetings of this C9. It seems that he has not attended only twice.

In one of the meetings in which he participated, the Argentinean Cardinal seems to have “pressed” not only for the reform of the Curia, but also for the “support” of the Commission which is currently working on intercommunion with the Protestants. Now, from what I’ve been given to believe, it seems that by April these Cardinals must meet together again. And that by then a sort of “pastoral letter” must be ready which would begin to prepare the people of God for a liturgical ecumenism; therefore pertaining to intercommunion with the Lutherans.

It seems that it’s a done deal. Without considering the damage which such a thing will provoke. The danger of a schism is I believe already imminent, as indeed Socci has recalled in one of his latest articles [see Google translation in comment below]

In the meantime the purges of the Vatican continue. Cardinal Burke has been sent on a mission. Monsignor Negri has been retired in record time. Only the fate of Cardinal Müller is still awaited, which ought to arrive any moment. And it’s as good as done. All the same, it’s strange that just yesterday (at the conclusion of the C9), Burke’s missionary brief was made known. In fact I wouldn’t say it’s that strange! The C9 has spoken about how to reform the Curia and purify the College of Cardinals.

And if some people are still waiting for Bergoglio to answer the “dubia”, I’ll answer just has he – the Pope – answered 15 days ago at a dinner: “THEY’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!”

Fra Cristoforo

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2 comments on “Five step programme to re-write Catholicism

  1. Google translation of

    A clarification on the post eight in February

    by Antonio Socci

    My post of February 8 caused confusion in some of you. Many have misunderstood. Surely because I have not been clear, but perhaps also because there is a form wrong mindset that some of you are struggling to overcome.
    Let me say, as so many of you have put in the time to understand the severity of the “case Bergoglio” and – at the beginning – they got me bad words, so many of you today are struggling to understand the new situation that has arisen and responsibility that is asked of us, in this grave moment in history, as Catholics.
    Then I will try to tell you some things that prompted me to write this post. Are the considerations that go into making these days. Take them as travel provisional notes. Ready to be deepened or corrected.

    is a time when many hoaxes circulating and many strange characters. It’s easy to be led astray or fall into provocations or food resentments fools. Or indulge in the instinctive anger.
    It is therefore necessary to exercise the cardinal virtue of PRUDENCE and that of guile: “Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves “(Mt 10:16).

    SECOND .
    The use that the establishment of Santa Marta did the episode of the posters in Rome or the ease with which he “paved” a millennial institution (internationally recognized) as the Order of Malta (but you could do many more examples), confirms that this power always uses excuses or misunderstandings created on purpose, to tighten repression has already left the car for the defenestration of the card. Muller (after the card. Burke) and perhaps other Catholic cardinals (while continuing the purge among the bishops).
    For this the worst mistake is to provide pretexts to Power. However, it is not defended Catholic doctrine with feelings and words that are not compatible with the “Christian style”.
    This happens – in my opinion – because in many there is a strong sense of helplessness and frustration because of being misled and to have to witness the collapse of the Church without being able to do anything. But this feeling is a resentment and derives a dangerous weakening of faith and hope.
    In fact, paradoxically, this is a time of testing, but also a moment of grace and have the gift of discernment is a great grace that need to be happy and grateful, but we ask perseverance.
    Especially seeing that in this historical transition, which is the moment of truth, many have betrayed or as many prefer not to expose themselves.
    I repeat. Anger and discouragement are sins against hope, and against the faith. If you allow against realism.
    Because there is a cultural battle that now we have won: Today everything is clear for those who want to see (who does not want to see more and even deny the evidence).
    The emperor has no clothes, the arrogance – even if masked by mercy – is clear and so is the deviation from the Catholic doctrine.
    It also changed the geopolitical framework. Imperialism Obama and Clinton – in whose bed was made the “renunciation” of Benedict XVI and the rise to power of the Argentine bishop – was defeated by the eruption of Donald Trump.
    Today Bergoglio Pope no longer has the powerful American empire sponsoring and -goffamente – the bergogliano entourage is now scrambling to try to accredit the court of Pope Bergoglio Trump (after the bishop of Rome has incredibly attacked during the election campaign and She compared him to Hitler a few days ago).

    We’re finding that the Church has established a system of government that had never seen before. Seem no fear of God.
    They seem to believe that they are masters, instead of servants, the Bride of Christ and – denigrandola tirelessly – pass on people and institutions without respect even the commandment of charity. The rest have no respect even of the Holy Sacrament …
    So today is not just to defend the Catholic doctrine, but also to be different from them.
    It opposes the logic of power (a sectarian logic) with an equal and opposite sectarian logic and power.
    Who wants to be a witness of Christ does not look for his victory, but he lives “to greater glory of God”. He fights tirelessly for the truth, but with peace in their hearts and – while giving testimony – prays that the Lord alone can save his church, even managing to convert all.

    The story of “Dubia” now presents us with a pope who refuses to comply with the first duty of the papacy: to “confirm in the faith.”
    He refuses to confirm the teaching of the Church always, refuses to say the clear and definitive word on the essential themes of faith and morals (moreover after he himself – with the Amoris laetitia – has created the confusion, a legitimizing pastoral practice unorthodox).
    We are therefore in a very serious situation they are put into question not only the doctrine and sacraments, but also the continuity of the Magisterium, which is fundamental to the life of the Church.
    If this one were also added – as seems to understand many signals – a surprise attack on the liturgy going to even alter the Mass and the rite of consecration, in the Protestant sense, we should recognize that it is not groundless persuasion of many second we are living a tragedy similar to the one shown in the prophecy of biblical foundation, which is stated authoritatively in the Catechism of the Catholic Church n. 675:
    “Before the coming of Christ, the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers [cf. Lk 18.8; Mt 24,12]. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth [cf Lk 21,12; Jn 15,19-20] will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. ”
    In the coming months anything can happen, even a tragic schism. It is therefore necessary for each – through the witness – aid the discernment of others, with arguments and with a Christian lifestyle.
    We know what and where is the true Catholic Church: is one that professes all that the Church of saints and martyrs has always taught.
    And there is a particular connotation but makes it even more recognizable the “true Church” from the “false church.”
    The true Church is PERSECUTED, the false Church and the world. While the false church is applauded and acclaimed by the world.
    Venerable Fulton Sheen (Archbishop) wrote:
    “If I were not a Catholic and wanted to find which is today in the world, the true Church, I would go in search of the one Church that does not get along with the world. I would go in search of the Church who is hated by the world. In fact, if the world today Christ is in a church, he must still hated as when he lived on earth. If therefore this day, you want to find Christ, is the Church that does not get along with the world. Search the Church that worldly want to destroy in the name of God as the crucified Christ. Search the Church which the world rejects as men refused to accept Christ. ”
    So: we live an extraordinary moment in history. And we must live as true Christians. It could happen the most catastrophic event in the history of the Church: a schism caused by the summit.
    We can not face such a tragedy as if it were a dispute between parties or between factions, but remembering that we are called to holiness. And that is entirely up to us to fight for the truth: the victory is all of God.
    His greatest victory would be the conversion and the return to the right path of the brothers who today are revolutionizing the Church of Christ, trying to make a “new Church “in their own image and likeness. A terrifying and senseless claim.
    Because God touches their hearts and their minds must commit ourselves with the testimony and prayer.

  2. The antinomian progressive modernist cult of Pope Francis which normalizes adultery, civil remarriage and Communion without annulments or repentance, which gives Communion to Protestants and hosts pro-abortion Malthusian population control freaks from the Illuminati at the Vatican, and which obsesses on air conditioning and climate change hysteria, is NOT the Catholic faith. A crazy old modernist from Argentina is certainly free to invent a new New Age religion, but calling this the Catholic faith is absurd.

    The teachings on marriage and Communion are not merely matters of discipline that imperious and overbearing progressive modernists are free to tinker with.

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