Cardinal Burke is sent to Guam. Fr Z goes to the Spinzone.

Cardinal Burke is sent to Guam. Fr Z goes to the Spinzone.

Posted by TTC [The Tenth Crusade] on Friday, February 17, 2017

As you have all heard by now, the Pope found a job in Guam for Cardinal Burke.

The press immediately suggested the Pope thought Cardinal Burke is responsible for the crusades involving the poster and fake newspaper, so he sent Cardinal Burke to Guam to silence him and see if the shenanigans stopped.

Fr. Z responded with a post suggesting everyone calm down, this is a good thing.

I see where Fr Z is coming from. He is thinking like a rational person [which does not apply to FrankenPopery]:

Do the Romans suppose Church Militant is a Mickey Mouse operation being run out of Cardinal Burke’s apartment and sending +Burke to Guam will stop us?!

Moses supposes his toses are roses. Moses supposes erroneously. LOL.

I’d love to agree with Fr Z but I have way too many years of experience dealing with the antics of our episcopal leaders and their cronies.

Unfortunately, thinking sending Cardinal Burke to Guam will stop Church Militant is perfectly consistent with their modus operandi.

This is bishopthink.

When they are getting stung, they run out of their bunkers and kick the beehive. And they do it for years before they come to terms with the fact that kicking the beehive makes the situation worse.

Some of them eventually learn at the school of hard knocks, but some of them never learn. Rome is filled to the rafters with the latter.

For a few days or weeks, the bees will give them the time to make them feel safe. And then one morning, the Romans will wake up in their bunkers to an Alfred Hitchcock sound of swarming bees.

You think you have silenced us? Watch this!

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