Syrian Orthodox bishops assail Patriarch for reverencing Qu’ran

Syrian Orthodox bishops assail Patriarch for reverencing Qu’ran

[AQ moderator Tom: No image of the blasphemous event available; to my knowledge, no Catholic bishops other than those of the Society of St. Pius X criticized JP2 for kissing the koran]


Catholic World News – February 15, 2017

Six bishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church have accused their Patriarch Ignatius Ephem II of “betrayal of the faith,” after the Patriarch made a gesture of respect for the Qu’ran and referred to “the prophet Mohammed.”

During a meeting with Muslim leaders, the Syrian Patriarch raised the Qu’ran in an indication of reverence. That gesture outraged some Syrian prelates, whose protests were acknowledged by the Patriarch as a “serious internal problem” for his Orthodox community.

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2 comments on “Syrian Orthodox bishops assail Patriarch for reverencing Qu’ran

  1. Followup: Syrian Orthodox Church weighs special synod to address Patriarch’s gesture of respect for Qu’ran

    [Will FrankenPope do something similar regarding the Cardinals of the Four “Dubia”? Some of his minions have described them in terms similar to “in rebellion against the Church”]

    Catholic World News – February 20, 2017

    The Syrian Orthodox Church may convene a special synod session to address tensions that erupted after Patriarch Ignatius Ephrem II raised a copy of the Qu’ran, in a gesture of reverence, during an inter-religious meeting.

    Six metropolitan archbishops of the Syrian Orthodox Church condemned the gesture as a “betrayal of the faith,” and claimed that the Patriarch had forfeited his title as defender of the Orthodox faith. Their public criticism in turn prompted thirty other archbishops to come to the Patriarch’s defense and decry the critics for their “rebellion against the Church.” Although the six dissident archbishops have subsequently sent a letter of apology, the majority of prelates judged it inadequate.

    Huddling this weekend at the headquarters of the patriarchate in Lebanon, prelates discussed a special synod meeting to “make the right decisions and take the suitable measures.”

    • Hmmm, looks like the schismatic pantheist heretics (who DO have gorgeous churches and DO put many NO “Catholics” to shame when it comes to expressions of religious fealty and fervor) have their own Francis Effect phenomenon going on within their archepiscopacy.

      At least, when Wojtyla visited some Ortho clan or another years ago there was a unanimity of outrage simply because he was the Roman pontiff. As I recall, the lads atop Mt Athos were particularly peeved and highly demonstrative, yelling “Antichrist” as one man. I wish I could recall if cantaloupes and tomatoes, along with burning effigies, were pitched from the heights at the time. : – )

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