Strike Three – with More to Come?

Strike Three [with More to Come]?

From: Meet the Trump-admin [and former Obama-admin] official paid to promote LGBT ‘rights’ around the world

[Sodomy uber alles! Today America, tomorrow the world!]


Peter LaBarbera
February 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews)

This is the third time since his election that Trump has disappointed pro-family activists who oppose the LGBTQ agenda:

1. As the new president-elect, he said in an interview that legalized homosexual “marriage” is “settled” law. Critics noted that Trump did not say the same about Roe v Wade, a much older Supreme Court decision.

2. He reinstated Obama’s 2014 pro-LGBT executive order for federal contractors, which forces private businesses and ministries to adopt pro-homosexual and pro-transgender policies.

3. He now continues Obama’s pro-LGBTQ foreign policy promoting “human rights” based on aberrant sexual and gender behaviors.

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