Rad Trads in DC: Bannon, Burke and the SSPX

Rad Trads in DC: Bannon, Burke and the SSPX

Published on Feb 15, 2017

MSNBC enlists the aid of radically liberal Jesuit, Father James Martin, to try to target and destroy the “radical Traditionalism” which is allegedly rising up from St. Peter’s Square to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and beyond. In his eagerness to lend a hand, Fr. Martin proceeds to equate what he calls “rad trads” with – wait for it – the entire Church Militant on earth. (Finally, he got something right.) Michael Matt comments on this bombshell, and then shares his opinion on an SSPX- Vatican regularization in the midst of the chaos and destruction of arguably the most destructive pontificate in history.

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2 comments on “Rad Trads in DC: Bannon, Burke and the SSPX

  1. Things are now in a state that conciliar Church can now come out and declare it’s apostasy in the open. The great number of Catholics are ignorant, and so you can now feed the zombie masses as you wish.

  2. One note on the modernist dialectic in the media. The two liberal gay guys pretending to be Jesuit priests featured as Catholic “experts” in the cable news clips from MSNBC are neither Catholics nor priests. Their modernist ordination is invalid since fraud was involved.

    It’s not surprising that Father FeelGood, SJ doesn’t know what the “Church Militant” is in orthodox Catholic theology and ecclesiology and confabulates this with alt-right ideology in secular American politics. He didn’t even attend a Catholic college or high school in the 1970s, the height of the Spirit of Vatican II deconstruction of Catholic theology and culture in the Novus Ordo. Now someone who does not even have a Catholic high school-level knowledge of Catholic matters is NOT an expert on Catholic matters. The true teaching on the “Church Militant” was actually STILL being taught in Jesuit high schools by priests ordained before Vatican II here and there in the 1970s. Someone with an actual Catholic education would know that and be able to explain the concept. If either of those modernist pseudo-Jesuits missed it, here it is:


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