Fake L’Osservatore FrancisPaper now out in English!

Fake L’Osservatore FrancisPaper now out in English!

[Hat-tip to Canon212: “Jesus sidestepped. He sidesteps the moral code. This makes us think that one cannot speak of rigidity”]

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[Meanwhile; also hat-tip to Canon212: “‘Real’ L’Osservatore hurls their worst at ‘Fake’ L’Osservatore. Calls it ‘medieval'”]

“Tweaked” Google translation of www.kath.net/news/58491

Vatican determined because of fake edition of ‘Osservatore Romano’

The fake edition of the Vatican newspaper contained an alleged reply from Pope Francis to the writing of four cardinals to “Amoris laetitia” and had been sent by anonymous mail to cardinals, bishops and clergymen.

Vatican City (kath.net/ KAP)
12 February 2017

After the spread of a fake, papal-critical edition of the Vatican newspaper “Osservatore Romano”, the Vatican has undertaken investigations. The Vatican Gendarmerie investigated the case, as Italian media reported on Saturday. On Friday the daily Il Messaggero reported on the fake issue, which had been sent in the past days by anonymous e-mail to cardinals, bishops, other clergy and “honorable men”.

On the title of the wrong “Osservatore”: an article in which Pope Francis replies to the questions of four cardinals to his letter “Amoris laetitia” – not with “yes” or “no” as requested but with the answer “Yes and no”. The Cardinals publicly expressed their doubts about “Amoris laetitia” in November and demanded more clarity in dealing with remarried divorced people.

The director of the real “Osservatore”, Giovanni Maria Vian, described the Fake edition as a badly made “slander” by “bungling”. The graphic of the original Vatican is much more elegant, and the genuine “Osservatore” uses the “Latin of the Curia” instead of the philosophical-medieval language of counterfeiting. Vian suspected a “circle of lay people outside the Vatican” as the originator of the Fake newspaper.

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