In search of solutions to the present crisis

In search of solutions to the present crisis

Pope John Paul the Great Ecumenist Right-wing neo-Modernist [says AQ moderator Tom] lying in state

Louie February 11, 2017

There was, and perhaps still is, a popular line of thought among conservative Catholics that is based on the presumption that the crisis in the Church will subside once death comes to call on the last of those who had some personal connection to the Council; the so-called “biological solution.”

Back in 2012, several months before Pope Benedict XVI fled for fear of the wolves, Fr. Z wrote, for example:

The aging-hippies and their koolaid-drinking apprentices have awakened to the fact that they are losing many of their precious gains of the last few decades of their iron-fisted control. They are getting a little jittery … The spread of the use of the older form of Holy Mass is slow, but steady. On the other hand, the Biological Solution is at work. We will see, soon, a sharp upward curve in both trends.

Today as I write (with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight) it appears obvious just how wrong the conservative prognosticators were.

If, in fact, the bitter experience of life under the yoke of Jorge Bergolgio tells us anything about the future it’s that they may have had it exactly backwards.

What the soothsayers perhaps failed to consider is that the “biological solution” is active on all fronts:

You see, while men like Karl Rahner, Edward Schillebeeckx, and Leo Joseph Suenens have gone to their eternal reward, so too have men like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, and Cardinal Antonio Bacci.

The effect that this is having on the hierarchy is now being realized in the present reign of terror under Francis who said:

I am the first pope who didn’t take part in the Council and the first who studied theology after the Council and, at that time, for us the great light was Paul VI.

Now, for a dose of reality: The one thing that all of the future popes will have in common is that each one will have cut their Catholic teeth on the fruits of the Council; raised in the age of endless dialogue, and formed in the new theology.

Sure, men like Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider will still be around, but if we’re honest we must admit that they are an anomaly, and truth be told, both are infected in some degree or another with the conciliar disease as well.

What’s more, just as death does not discriminate, neither does the diabolical disorientation of which Our Lady forewarned. As I’ve written in the past, no one is entirely immune to it; not even the aforementioned Cardinal Ottaviani.

This being so, if odds makers were able to accurately formulate an early line on papabile for the next several conclaves to come, the favorites would almost certainly look a whole lot more like the American Blaise Cupich [AQ moderator Tom: Or the Filipino Luis Tagle] than any one of the Dubia Brothers.


Let that sink-in for just a moment…

All of this, of course, is contingent upon the absence of divine intervention; the only solution that truly matters.

Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!

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3 comments on “In search of solutions to the present crisis

  1. The solution to this mess is God. Only when we, the faithful, have truly repented, done penance and prayed, prayed, prayed; will God in His mercy release the Church from the punishment it is undergoing at the hands of these hideous modernists.

  2. Archbishop Lefebvre died, but that was why the SSPX still exists. And why it was created. To pass on what had been handed. , without corruption or contamination of the knowledge of Truth in Tradition. The consolidation of the Conciliar Revolution by new and succeeding generations cannot happen as long as the SSPX continues as a counterweight and a Light which shines the Truth of Tradition. This is why the SSPX is being drawn closer by Rome. The creation of Personal Prelatures, imho, is just a creation of an additional Vatican bureaucracy, and the Church has more than enough religious orders. The purpose and end of the SSPX is to bring the Church back to Tradition. Once that is done, it has fulfilled its mission.
    Some have said that the SSPX cannot be allowed existence out the “regularized norms” for extended periods of time. Some have said that in the long-term among laity and clergy, it can create a psychological mentality that this is normal.
    My view is that seeking permanency both during and after the crisis is much more problematic.
    Some have said that keeping a distance from Rome eventually, if taken too long a duration of time, requires new bishops and new apparent schisms. This is not the case, if the bishops are consecrated without papal permission during Interregnums. Or am I misstaken? I am curious anout this point.

    • FWIW, I agree with your view.
      The schismatic mentality bogeyman is exactly that.
      It’s not that the bogeyman doesn’t exist, it’s that, like any other demon, he can’t hurt you unless you let him. All the SSPX has to do is keep teaching the truths of the Catholic Faith, in this case specifically that truth that says that the Catholic Church was divinely constituted as a monarchy, with a Pope as its monarch. The requirement of modern times that we refuse “obedience” to many things the pope wants, in favor of obedience to a higher authority (i.e. God), will go on as long as it goes on. In the meantime, the state of emergency gives supplied jurisdiction to faithful pastors. If the supreme law of the Church (salus animarum) requires it therefore, the SSPX can consecrate new bishops, interregnum or no.
      Meanwhile “Dicite pusillamines: Confortamini, et nolite timere: Ecce Deus noster veniet et salvabit nos.”

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