Pope Goes Gaga For Super Bowl

Pope Goes Gaga For Super Bowl

Published on Feb 8, 2017

So, the National Football League gave Pope Francis a free commercial at this year’s Super Bowl. What was the Pope’s message from the biggest pulpit on the planet? HINT: He forgot to mention Jesus Christ again.

By the way, Lady Gaga had a starring role at the Super Bowl, too, which didn’t stop the Vatican from endorsing the event. Is the new and improved Vatican okay with Gaga?

Generally speaking, why is the NFL so eager to give the Holy Father free access to their massive Super Bowl audience? Why do they love Pope Francis so much? Why did Hillary Clinton tell the world to embrace the message of Pope Francis? Is it because he’s leading sinners back to Christ?

Plus, great news from one of the most conservative Catholic colleges in America.

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4 comments on “Pope Goes Gaga For Super Bowl

  1. I am concerned that nothing will be done to counteract this Pope’s constantly misleading messages until the group of supposed orthodox Catholics finally wake up and stop defending this man. I still hear priests, who appear to be non liberal, quoting Pope Francis as though he was some sort of holy oracle to be listened to.

  2. Well the reality is that the Pope and Lady Gabbadge both stand for the same trash.

  3. Question: “Generally speaking, why is the NFL so eager to give the Holy Father free access to their massive Super Bowl audience?”

    An Illuminati half-time ritual wouldn’t be Luciferian enough or blasphemous enough without a benediction from a progressive modernist Pope enabling climate change hysteria and population control theories. Crossing Bergoglio’s psychobabble with Lady Gaga’s burlesque striptease twerking in an Ace Frehley of KISS costume provides the kind of neo-gnostic confusion with heretical sacrilege that the Illuminati enjoy. It’s all about inversion and inverting the sacred. What it really means to them, who knows. But Brady’s come-from-behind victory was terrifying. Did anyone check the weight or air pressure of the footballs?

  4. Howl, Brady would still have won if Comrade Commissar Goodell ruled that he had to use a bowling ball, tie his shoe laces together and wear 50 pound weights on each arm.

    He’s. Just. That. Good. : – )

    Btw, Atlanta did play a nearly perfect defensive game in the first half. Amazing. (Which is why I think Hillary hacked Belichick’s playbook.)

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