“You’re On Notice!”

Thus saith the National Security Adviser, Lt Gen Flynn, to the imbeciles running the country of Iran who are responsible for the deaths of so many Christians and others in our time. And, the imbeciles laugh him off thinking that this Administration is like the last one – i.e., without teeth. But we have guided missile cruisers in the Persian Gulf who could at a moment’s notice launch cruise missiles to lay waste to Iran’s missile-launch facilities. So, go ahead and laugh you towel-headed creeps and await what we, when at a moment and place of our choosing, decide to punish you for your violation of international agreements. As our President has just said: “nothing is off the table.” And, oh yeah while you’re at it, watch what happens when your Persian-Gulf cowboys in their speedboats attempt to harass our vessels or those of our friends in international waters. You see, we are a peace-loving nation but our patience is not unlimited.

Do our newly elected leaders have the cohones to act if the so-called sactions don’t work? We shall see, folks, we shall see.

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22 comments on ““You’re On Notice!”

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    The Coming Clash With Iran

    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Thursday – February 2, 2017

    When Gen. Michael Flynn marched into the White House Briefing Room to declare that “we are officially putting Iran on notice,” he drew a red line for President Trump. In tweeting the threat, Trump agreed.

    His credibility is now on the line.

    And what triggered this virtual ultimatum?

    Iran-backed Houthi rebels, said Flynn, attacked a Saudi warship and Tehran tested a missile, undermining “security, prosperity, and stability throughout the Middle East,” placing “American lives at risk.”

    But how so?

    The Saudis have been bombing the Houthi rebels and ravaging their country, Yemen, for two years. Are the Saudis entitled to immunity from retaliation in wars that they start?

    Where is the evidence Iran had a role in the Red Sea attack on the Saudi ship? And why would President Trump make this war his war?

    As for the Iranian missile test, a 2015 U.N. resolution “called upon” Iran not to test nuclear-capable missiles. It did not forbid Iran from testing conventional missiles, which Tehran insists this was.

    Is the United States making new demands on Iran not written into the nuclear treaty or international law — to provoke a confrontation?

    Did Flynn coordinate with our allies about this warning of possible military action against Iran? Is NATO obligated to join any action we might take?

    Or are we going to carry out any retaliation alone, as our NATO allies observe, while the Israelis, Gulf Arabs, Saudis and the Beltway War Party, which wishes to be rid of Trump, cheer him on?

    Bibi Netanyahu hailed Flynn’s statement, calling Iran’s missile test a flagrant violation of the U.N. resolution and declaring, “Iranian aggression must not go unanswered.” By whom, besides us?

    The Saudi king spoke with Trump Sunday. Did he persuade the president to get America more engaged against Iran?

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    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker is among those delighted with the White House warning:

    “No longer will Iran be given a pass for its repeated ballistic missile violations, continued support of terrorism, human rights abuses and other hostile activities that threaten international peace and security.”

    The problem with making a threat public — Iran is “on notice” — is that it makes it almost impossible for Iran, or Trump, to back away.

    Tehran seems almost obliged to defy it, especially the demand that it cease testing conventional missiles for its own defense.

    This U.S. threat will surely strengthen those Iranians opposed to the nuclear deal and who wish to see its architects, President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, thrown out in this year’s elections.

    If Rex Tillerson is not to become a wartime secretary of state like Colin Powell or Dean Rusk, he is going to have to speak to the Iranians, not with defiant declarations, but in a diplomatic dialogue.

    Tillerson, of course, is on record as saying the Chinese should be blocked from visiting the half-dozen fortified islets they have built on rocks and reefs in the South China Sea.

    A prediction: The Chinese will not be departing from their islands, and the Iranians will defy the U.S. threat against testing their missiles.

    Wednesday’s White House statement makes a collision with Iran almost unavoidable, and a war with Iran quite possible.

    Why did Trump and Flynn feel the need to do this now?

    There is an awful lot already on the foreign policy plate of the new president after only two weeks, as pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine are firing artillery again, and North Korea’s nuclear missile threat, which, unlike Iran’s, is real, has yet to be addressed.

    High among the reasons that many supported Trump was his understanding that George W. Bush blundered horribly in launching an unprovoked and unnecessary war on Iraq.

    Along with the 15-year war in Afghanistan and our wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen, our 21st-century U.S. Mideast wars have cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of dead. And they have produced a harvest of hatred of America that was exploited by al-Qaida and ISIS to recruit jihadists to murder and massacre Westerners.

    Osama’s bin Laden’s greatest achievement was not to bring down the twin towers and kill 3,000 Americans, but to goad America into plunging headlong into the Middle East, a reckless and ruinous adventure that ended her post-Cold War global primacy.

    Unlike the other candidates, Trump seemed to recognize this.

    It was thought he would disengage us from these wars, not rattle a saber at an Iran that is three times the size of Iraq and has as its primary weapons supplier and partner Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

    When Barack Obama drew his red line against Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war, and Assad appeared to cross it, Obama discovered that his countrymen wanted no part of the war that his military action might bring on.

    President Obama backed down — in humiliation.

    Neither the Ayatollah Khamenei nor Trump appears to be in a mood to back away, especially now that the president has made the threat public.

  2. All he did was put Iran on notice and already there are posts indicating WWIII is in the making. Does anybody really feel that those chanting: “Death to America” have our best interests at heart or, for that matter, the interests of the entire free world? The Trump Administration has every right to take a strong position relative to Iran’s threatening activities. Come on, folks, get real. What about freedom of the seas and where is the outage over Iran’s activities in that regard. Does anyone really feel that Iran’s military activities are strictly for their own defense? . Please give the likes of British Prime Minster Chamberlain a voice ( Chamberlain left Munich believing that by appeasing Hitler he had assured ‘peace for our time’. However, in March 1939 Hitler annexed the rest of the Czech lands of Bohemia and Moravia, with Slovakia becoming a puppet state of Germany. Five months later in September 1939 Hitler’s forces invaded Poland.). OK, I’m outta here.

    • Let’s review the actual facts, phaley, this is not 1938. Ever notice, no matter for how many years ideologues chant ‘1938 alert’ about Iran that 1939 just never seems to come around?

      -Iran is responsible for the death of so many Christians? Really? Please show me some actual historical facts that support this from the past 38 years. Not armed fighters being killed who happen to be Christian, but Iranian forces targeting Christian civilians because they are Christian.

      -Ayatollah Khameini has explained what the ‘Death to America’ chants mean, and it doesn’t mean hatred toward the American people or wanting to see us all killed or enslaved. Ever notice that there never seems to be ‘Death to Ethiopia’, ‘Death to Japan’, or ‘Death to New Zealand’ chants, all of which are non-Muslim? If you are concerned about ‘death’ chants, while, true, Iran does have ‘Death to Israel’ rally chants, you will not find ‘Death to the Jews’ rally chants, while in Israel, you will find an increasing prevalence of ‘Death to the Arabs’ rally chants.

      -Iran has every right to a military, and to have and test legitimate arms. They did not renounce their rights to missiles in the nuclear agreement, which says nothing about them. They were not a party to the UNSC resolution, and they, arguably, can claim they are not violating it in any event. If UNSC resolutions are a concern, again, Israel, would be a good country to review in light of recent developments.

      -Iran has not gone around attacking countries for at least a couple of hundred years, and there is no indication they are going to do so now, aside from supporting militant groups against Israel and working toward its abolishment. Meanwhile, if you want to talk about the WWII era, the West colluded to attack and invade an innocent and neutral Iran during WWII, as well as engineered the overthrow of its elected government in 1953.

      -I haven’t heard of any Iranian naval or IRGC armed shipping near our coastlines. Question is, if their water-based military is not over here, why is ours over there?

      -Rather than WWII, the truly appropriate analogy is the past 18 years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Seriously, you think we should get ready for yet another war in the Muslim world, now with Iran? If you think Iraq got messy, do you have any conception of what a military clash with Iran could turn into?

      Yes, we have a legitimate grievance against them about our embassy in 1980. Doesn’t call for a war in order to deal with it.

      I look forward to your responses.

      • In response there is only one link I would refer to you:


        To think that Christians haven’t been among those killed or left homeless by ISIS attacks, sponsored and supported by Iran, is IMO, ridiculous. So, I do not wish to continue to debate someone who thinks that “Death to America” does not really mean what it says and pictures Ayatollah Khamenei as some sort of hero. I believe that ISIS and the Islamic jihad are straight from the Devil and that Iran is a key sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East. There is also the matter of the Iranian Opposition to point to which is growing as we speak. You can Google it if you wish but the former Iranian Ambassador to Belgium has much to say about it.

        • phaley, you continue to seem confused and uninformed about the facts. I will make this my last post here, and try to further clear things up:
          -Yes, ISIS has targeted and killed Christians, I never said otherwise. They seem to have actually killed more Shia Muslims than Christians. Iran does not aid and abet ISIS, their government and forces have been actively aiding the Iraqi and Syrian government forces in fighting against ISIS. As Iran is Shia, it is understandable they don’t take kindly to Shia Muslims being decimated by ISIS.
          -I never said Ayatollah Khameini was a hero. I was saying that he has explained what the slogan, deplorably worded as it is, means, and, yes, I consider him a far more credible source for interpretive understanding of the slogan than you are. There remains the question as to why this sloganeering is almost entirely directed toward US and Israel, with UK and/or Canada occasionally thrown in, and not the scores of other countries around the world they could be chanting against. Please don’t tell me it’s because of how virtuous we supposedly are.
          -Yes, I understand there are Iranian opposition people who don’t like the regime. I never said the current regime is wonderful. But however improperly it treats its citizens, it does not give us license to start clashing with it. Historically, we have been more aggressive toward them, than they have been toward us.
          -Indeed, Iran supports terrorism directed at Israel. It does not support the Salafi terrorism that has been haunting Western Europe and North America in recent years. We would also do well to remember that the US military has much terroristic innocent blood on its hands from its military misconduct during WWII and Vietnam. And we could go back to earlier periods regarding the Indians and aggressive adventures throughout Latin America. We have amassed a higher terrorism victim body count than the Iranians probably ever could, even if they somehow wanted to try.
          -We reportedly, to some degree, have lent our own support to terroristic entities that battle the Iranian government, from Mujaheeden al Khalq in the west to Jundallah in the east, at least during the Bush years. We also launched a cyberwar against them during the Obama years, which was not in response to anything they did to us.

          • Oremus, all due respect, Mr Haley isn’t confused. He has an opinion which differs from yours. I hope we’ve gotten that straightened out and you can speak to him in a more dignified, less condescending tone. Which I’m certain you do not intend.

            • Yes, there can be different opinions, but there cannot be different facts. Some of what was objectively asserted was simply untrue. More to the point, I did not put words into his mouth to misrepresent his position, as he did with mine. But, yes, I will earnestly strive to be more cordial. Which means you last statement is objectively untrue as well. And I am not be condescending in pointing that out.

  3. I have to agree with Mr. Buchanan; Iran is not a threat to the U.S. But it is engaged in a power struggle with the Sunni regimes of the Middle East; The U.S. should not directly get involved in this struggle; it is already aiding S. Arabia in Yemen, this is as far as our involvement should go. Of course Israel would love the U.S. To bomb Iran and do its dirty work; anything to keep their enemies weak and divided.

  4. Agreed. Safer to wait for all the terrorists who Obama let in and the bishops coddle to organize. Than we can fight them inside and out side our borders.

  5. BREAKING: Trump Administration Issues New Sanctions on Iran

    Katie Pavlich |Posted: Feb 03, 2017

    The Trump administration has announced new sanctions on Iran in response to the Islamic regime’s recent ballistic missile test, which violated the UN resolution, in addition to an Iranian backed attack on a Saudi warship in the Red Sea.

    The sanctions have been issued against more than a dozen Iranian officials involved in the ballistic missile program, most of whom are subject to secondary sanctioning. Coupled with the new sanctions, the Pentagon announced Friday the U.S.S. Cole will be patrolling the coast of Yemen in order to send a clear message to Iranian backed Houthi rebels in the area.

    House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce is applauding the move.

    “Iran’s dangerous and provocative acts are a direct threat to the United States and our allies. I’m glad the administration is taking long-overdue steps to hold the regime accountable,” Royce released in a statement. “I look forward to working with the administration to build on these designations, push back against Iran’s destructive policies, and promote stability in the Middle East.”

    Earlier this week, White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn announced from the briefing room Iran was being put “on notice” and warned the Trump Administration will not tolerate Iran’s provocative behavior.

    • Iran Fires Back on Sanctions: We Are Not Moved By Threats

      Katie Pavlich |Posted: Feb 03, 2017

      The Trump administration issued new sanctions against a number of Iranian officials tied to the Islamic regime Friday morning in response to a recent ballistic missile test and an attack on a Saudi warship in the Red Sea.

      The Iranians wasted no time in responding.

      Javad Zarif
      Iran unmoved by threats as we derive security from our people. We’ll never initiate war, but we can only rely on our own means of defense.
      6:48 AM – 3 Feb 2017

      Javad Zarif
      We will never use our weapons against anyone, except in self-defense. Let us see if any of those who complain can make the same statement.
      7:35 AM – 3 Feb 2017

      The Pentagon also announced Friday the U.S.S. Cole will patrol the waters on the shores of Yemen until further notice. [Will there be another attack on the USS Cole? – This time to provoke US military action against Iran? – AQ moderator Tom]

      • May I remind you, Sir, that the Iranians are chanting: “Death to America” not “Death to Israel” since they don’t even admit that Israel exists. And, since when do we use surrogates to do what the laws of God and our own freedom of the seas dictate? If there is an attack on the USS Cole or any other US ship, and God knows we hope it doesn’t occur, the ayatollahs deserve a swift and sure response from those who have been the victims of their dastardly deeds – the USA! To hope that something does not occur does not mean that we do not act to defend our interests should the event occur. We are NOT warmongers; but we will defend ourselves and our allies when threatened by the agents of the Devil.

        • The ayatollah whipped-up Iranian mobs also shout “Death to Israel” in the same or a separate breath.

          • Tom. I don’t doubt that the ayatollahs whipped up the crowd against both Israel and the USA but my main point is that the one behind the scenes, Lucifer, is really the one who is responsible and the one we must resist with every ounce of our strength. The final battle, that between Satan and God’s Church, is being played out before our very eyes znd human agents are being used as props on the world stage to accomplish his evil goals. We know, of course, that his is a losing battle but we must not give in to his sinister traps while we have the means to defend ourselves, both spiritually through our prayers and sacrifices, especially the rosary, and materially with our assets on the ground. I hope this concludes this debate on this subject.

  6. Since 1978 Iran thought Hezbollah and other surregates have been killing Americans. They killed our CIA station Chief in Beirut, killed a Marine Lt. Colonel , has taken numerous hostages , was involved with Hamas , with the Marine Baracks bombing under Regan in Beirut, and we did nothing. In Iraq and Afghanistan their surrogates fought against us. What are we afraid off? They embarrass us with their Naval Harassment in the Persian Gulf, they are now building nuclear weapons capible of reaching Israel and Europe along with the capability of building all sorts of dirty bombs and they are not a threat ? Under the muslims Obama and Jarrett, the Iranians were given carte blanch to do what ever they wanted plus a large infusion of cash to help them along.
    Let me suggest cruise missile strikes on their command and control along with strikes on their nuclear facilities , with stealth bomber strikes on their hardened facilities with Jdams/ bunker busters along with the Israelis and Saudis to clean out these rats from their holes for good. Half of Afghanistan was lost under Obama and where I live there are over 60 active jihadi cells being investigated. Time to clean out these rats nests also. You can only feed a Tiger so long and then when you run out of food the Tiger eats you. Not a threat ??? All Islam is a threat. Keep them out and kill them if they pose any threat to Americans .

    • I presume by “with the Israelis and Saudis to clean out these rats from their holes for good” you mean separate not joint Israeli and Saudi ventures and respectively in Yemen and Iran.

  7. Captain, you and I know from experience that you don’t kill a snake with “sanctions.” Those of us who have borne the wounds of war know first-hand what it takes to kill a snake – by cutting off its head and NOT by playing games with it or depending on the UN to resolve the situation. I thank you for your clarity of thought and your contribution to this forum – I’ll fly with you anytime. May the ayatollahs be shuddering at the thought of what they have unleashed. God bless.

  8. Aye aye Sir ! Thank You and God Bless !

  9. I have been wondering how the shadow govt. would deal with Trump and Brexit as well as the other national parties that are becoming more vocal. I have thought that they may set up the aforementioned to be the fall guys for the advancing of their NWO plans.
    Could all this be a distraction from the confirmation hearings and such? Betsy DeVos is supposed to have her hearing Monday and the Left doesn’t want her confirmed. Religious freedom is on the table. We know where they stand on that.
    To that end, I sent a note to the White House for the president (via the link provided by Catholic Vote) telling him Catholics must be allowed to be Catholics, which he said last October he would allow. I said other things to such as the Divine Law is the law everyone is required to follow and asked him to follow it or at least the natural law in governing the nation. I even stuck in the constitutional amendment bit that the NRA tried to do in the 1800’s (Chris Ferrara’s idea in “Liberty:The God that Failed”.) I figured it was worth a try seeing as the bishops are busy worrying about all the money they’ll lose if they can’t have their illegal immigrants rather than saving souls.
    The Cole and Yemen was a deja vu moment for me too. (A brother-in-law fought in Desert Storm.)
    Hopefully they’ll remember that Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims just as communists and other groups are to achieve their goals.

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