Wuerl To Seminarians: Subjective Judgment Usurps Objective Truth

Wuerl To Seminarians: Subjective Judgment Usurps Objective Truth

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On Tuesday I reported how Cardinal Wuerl sent a letter to priests basically telling them to be derelict in their duties to lead those in mortal sin to repentance [see comment below]. Yesterday Church Militant picked up on another article in the Catholic Standard that reported how Wuerl gave the same message to seminarians in the archdiocese. I think in that address he went a step further in counseling for evil. I quote: “Pastoral dialogue [involves] the development of conscience and also the expression of a level of support or confirmation for the judgment the individual is making about the state of his or her own soul.”

Notice the part about “support or confirmation for the judgment..” Well, what if that judgment is objectively wrong? What if that judgment leads to the commission of mortal sin? How can a priest – or any faithful Catholic – support a “judgment” like that? He can’t. He must warn the individual of the sinfulness of his/her course of action and in no unambiguous terms call that person to repentance. If the priest refuses to do so, he endangers his own soul owing to his de facto cooperation with the sin of that individual.

Below I post a video detailing the nine ways that Catholics can veer into cooperating with the sin of others. Pay close attention to “number nine”, for that is primrose path to hell down which Cardinal Wuerl would usher his priests and seminarians. In doing so, he too seems to be cooperating with mortal sin via “counsel”.

Wednesday I posted about the thinly-disguised war that Pope Francis seems to be waging on truth. That is pretty serious considering that Jesus Himself said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Truth is immutable. It is NOT subject to manipulation by human consciences. Rather, it is the human conscience that must conform and be subject to truth. But, if the proper role of truth is trivialized, then we can see how subjective “judgments” can be regarded as idols.

Pray for our pope and bishops that they come to their senses. Pray for our seminarians and help them become inoculated to the mental and spiritual poison being fed to them in their formative years.

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One comment on “Wuerl To Seminarians: Subjective Judgment Usurps Objective Truth


    Amoralis Lamentia Oozing Through The Archdiocese Of Washington

    Long-time readers of this blog will recall the key roles that Pope Francis gave to Cardinal Wuerl during the two synods that were the cover for culminated in Amoralis Lamentia. Therefore it is no surprise that the Cardinal is singing the dubious praises of AL, giving great cause for concern for the over-emphasis on the role of subjective “conscience”.

    In the online version of the Catholic Standard, an article was released today dealing with a letter that the Cardinal sent to archdiocesan priests regarding Amoralis Lamentia. As you read it, note the incorrect exaltation of subjective conscience. Basically what he says is that all priests can do is remind their parishioners of what the Church teaches, but at the end of the day each person will do what he/or she wants based on their “conscience”. Completely lacking is any mention of the fact that if these “consciences” run counter to the Teachings of Jesus Christ, then any acquiescence to these “consciences” (in a saner time, they were called “temptations to sin”) would be sinful – perhaps mortally sinful.

    Note this quote from the Standard: “Our task as pastors of souls is to provide the guidance that we hope will lead the person to more fully grasp the teaching and make a right judgment,” the cardinal wrote. Noting the catechism’s teaching on forming and following one’s conscience, he added that priests “are called to walk with the faithful so that they might grasp, understand and make their own the teaching of the Church… But the person, not the priest, makes the final personal conscientious judgment.”

    Do you notice how there’s no mention of any remedy when these “final personal judgments” lead to mortal sin? Please note that if a person continues in an action that he/she knows goes counter to the Teachings of Jesus in matters of marriage and sexuality, they already know it’s a grave matter and they most likely have deliberated on it. I believe those are the elements of mortal sin. Remedy most certainly is needed in those cases for these people imperil their own souls and those of others (including their accomplices in adultery).

    The article ends with a thinly-disguised dig at the four cardinals who issued their dubia. It’s not too surprising that Wuerl might do that since he most likely had some hand in the proceedings of the sin-nods, if not the crafting of Amoralis Lamentia itself. However, not all share his opinion. Last month Msgr Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington wrote a piece that appears in the National Catholic Register. In that piece the Msgr stated his support of the dubia and restated clear teaching that de facto adulterers cannot be admitted to Holy Communion, “consciences” notwithstanding.

    Faithful Catholics, Msgr Pope is quite correct. Precisely because he’s correct and is a priest of the Archdiocese of Washington, we need to lift him up in prayer and to make plain to the DC chancery that our eyes are open, lest he be subject to retribution, much like Father Guarnizo was five years ago when he withheld Holy Communion from a practicing lesbian. I’ve also written before about the harassment being inflicted on the Knights of Malta. Today things there took an ugly turn as we learned that the pope demanded the resignation of the Knight’s Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing. All Festing did was what was required of him in dismissing the condom-dealing official. Might Msgr Pope suffer similar vindictiveness? We must watch and pray.

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