[Hat-tip to Canon212: “We all have our own opinions on various things, but we all agree that Bergoglio is the enemy of the Faith, be he Pope or pretender”]

St. Corbinian’s Bear
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“If you had been of the world, the world would love its own.”

Fan Mail From Some Flounder?

A faithful reader has asked the Bear’s opinion on a piece by a popular, if angry-sounding, ephemerist, regarding Pope Francis. While the Bear has never considered consulting a human’s opinion (finding woodland creatures to be far more sensible) he granted the reader’s request in his benevolence.

The Answer in 32 Points

The piece explains why Pope Francis is not the Pope, and why Pope Benedict still is, and, moreover, the worst Pope in history. In summary, we have to wait for the real Pope (Benedict) to die, then elect his successor, which would completely bypass Francis.

It consists of 32 points, and readers are invited to spread it far and wide.

Now, the Bear has on his own pondered the implications of Benedict’s sort-of resignation, and has opined (to much criticism; well-deserved for all he knows) that it is not crazy to wonder if his resignation was legitimate. The Bear believes it is odd enough to raise questions.

The Evil Pact that Elevated Benedict, and Forced Him to Sort of Resign

The world loves its own.
However, the author of the piece in question states it as a fact, and attributes it to an evil pact between homosexuals in the Church and Benedict. He could be pope for a few years, but would have to resign, or face repercussions – possibly blackmail involving something to do with homosexuals. So Pope Benedict resigned for “fear of the wolves,” but didn’t.

This doesn’t sound like a very well-thought out evil pact to the Bear.

The Bear supposes that is possible, but would need a whole lot of convincing evidence to accept it as a fact. Obviously, the author believes her evidence is irrefutable. Anyway, the answer is Benedict is still Pope, because he resigned in accordance with some evil pact, so Francis was never elected, and is not pope.

The Bear Calmly and Reasonably States His Position

The world loves its own.
This is what the Bear thinks.

These are very strange and troubling times. The man currently occupying the Vatican causes any thinking, faithful Catholic to suffer, and is doing real damage. The Bear has no qualms whatsoever in saying no pontificate, no period, has been more destructive and dangerous to the Faith. This pontificate is the perfect storm, and the windswept house is – impossibly – blowing away before our eyes.

Hardly a day goes by without Francis attempting to destroy the Faith. The Bear is not going to extend this article with examples. You know as well as he does. He has surrounded himself with apostles of evil. He does not like the Catholic Church, or Catholics, the real ones, anyway, whom he constantly abuses. He loves Lutherans. Muslims. Evangelicals. After all, the Pope hardly gets press for palling around with Catholics!

Francis has sewn his false white garment to the coat tails of the Lord of the World, and is loved by the World. We all know what Jesus said about that. “Hey, climate change? I’m on it. Oh, yeah, I can feel the love!” Mr. Humble loves the world, and loves attention, and pushes his face into media to (1) gratify his massive ego, and (2) advance his infernal objectives.

“If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” John 15:19.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

The world loves its own.
Where honest Catholics go from there is not for the Bear to judge. In some ways, we are like hikers lost in a dark wood, infested by vicious Bears. We can holler back and forth, but we are each on our own. The Bear would counsel, worry about the Bears. Don’t argue whether they are legitimately in these woods, or whether you should throw stones or kneel before them. (Believe the Bear, it doesn’t matter.)

Some say we are getting our just desserts from God. (Not the Bear.) Others solve the problem by simply crossing Francis out – he’s not the Pope. (The Bear has never said that, nor does he maintain he is, either.) If someone thinks an evil pact with homosexuals elevated Benedict, then caused him to resign, but not, then who is the Bear to dispute that?

The Bear does not tell you whether Bergoglio is pope or not. He lacks the facts, and he is not an expert in these matters. Legal specialties are seldom as simple as non-specialists imagine.

Whatever He Is, the Evil Rat-Bastard Has Declared War On Catholicism

The world loves its own.

Sorry, but these are not normal times. Things that would normally be unthinkable must be considered. The Pope is the symbolic focus of Catholicism. It is no small thing to attack the Pope. But he leaves us no choice.

What the Bear says is that we have an arsonist in the Vatican. He should be resisted with every tool at our disposal. If the Bear can write something, that causes people to lose respect for Bergoglio, then the Bear is doing the Lord’s work. We do not want people to respect Bergoglio! We want to expose him for the danger he is! That is why the Bear does not take a “respectful tone.” Mockery, satire, invective, criticism, agitprop, it’s all good to a Bear.

We all have our own opinions on various things, but we all agree that Bergoglio is the enemy of the Faith, be he Pope or pretender. The Bear is happy to let smarter ephemerists than he argue about the man’s status. The Bear does not need to resolve that question to know what to do.

The world loves its own.
Bergoglio is the enemy! This is what the ursine 450 gram brain knows. It doesn’t have room for endless arguments about footnotes, and conspiracies, and legal niceties. A traitor. A quisling. A man who shakes hands with demons from Hell. In short: dinner.

Our blogging is probably doing more to undermine this idiot than you imagine. He does seem obsessed with his enemies, and stone-throwers. Oh, Hell yes. Give the Bear a big stone and he will pound Bergoglio in the head with it. (Bears being not very accurate throwers, but can run very fast.)

We know what Catholicism is. Let’s not get lost in the weeds about conspiracy theories. Pick up stones. Don’t hide them! Throw them while laughing maniacally. One after another until we win, and Bergoglio is buried under a pile of stones as big as Mt. Etna. When they are more afraid of us than eager to tear down the Church, we win. There may even come a time for propagande par le fait. What has to happen before you fight? What dogmas have to be discarded in the name of “mercy?” What percentage of the Church are you willing to see destroyed? How many souls are you happy to see damned?

It’s the oldest decision in the world: fight or flight. Can you eat me, or can I eat you? The Bear says, “I can eat you, evil rat-bastard,” and the Bear will fight, and it isn’t going to be pretty, but it will be true.

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