USCCB committee chair weighs in on changes to health care law

USCCB committee chair weighs in on changes to health care law

[This is the reverse of what then-Senator and presidential candidate John Kerry said concerning the war in Iraq: “I was for it before I was against it”; sort of: “We were against it when the Democrats were passing it; now that the Republicans want to repeal it, we’re for it”]

Catholic World News – January 25, 2017

The chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development emphasized in a recent letter to senators that “a repeal of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act ought not be undertaken without the concurrent passage of a replacement plan.”

Stating that “millions of people … now rely upon [the current law] for their well being,” Bishop Frank Dewane of Venice, Fl., recalled that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops “ultimately opposed the Affordable Care Act because it expanded the role of the federal government in funding and facilitating abortion and plans that cover abortion, and it failed to provide essential conscience protections and access to health care for immigrants.”

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One comment on “USCCB committee chair weighs in on changes to health care law

  1. That is a conclusion and prudential judgment in a reasoning process of policy deliberation which adult Catholic laymen would be capable of making if Catholic institutions were still teaching such matters with actual Catholic faculty. Whatever happened to Catholic hospitals and Catholic medicine? Why isn’t Georgetown Medical School really Catholic? Why don’t the bozos running the USCCB put their heads together and create such institutions run by real Catholics? If you joined with pro-life Evangelicals and Protestants to create a real a medical system you wouldn’t need the godless secular state dictating medical policy!

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