Trump begins the era: an America more closed?

Trump begins the era: an America more closed?


[While FrankenPope says that he will not prejudge Trump (albeit mentioning Hitler in the same breath and thus suggestively comparing the two), some of his minions at the Italian section of Vatican Radio are already doing that; hat-tip to Gloria.TV News: “Regretting Obama: Italian Radio Vatican has published on its homepage an article against U.S. President Donald Trump suggesting that America will be «less open» under Trump than under Obama” and thus implicitly the same or more «open» under Hilary if she had won]

Vatican Radio
Google translation with some tweaking) of

“It ‘s conceivable that, in many respects, the ‘ America of America Trump will be less open than that which belongs to our imaginary , less open than what America was actually in the second half of the twentieth century. We keep both the migration and, above all, on commercial grounds. ” The analysis, in the inauguration day of the New York tycoon at the White House, as 45th President of the United States, is Alessandro Colombo, Professor of International Relations at the University of Milan .

Against the establishment

“Trump – explains Colombo – was elected by the Americans especially to argue against the establishment that, in the US as in Europe, is considered the engine of globalization. And that is, those social groups living taking advantage of globalization at the same time that others will pay the costs. And this is, today, the strongest political polarization, both in the US as in Europe. As Donald Trump will be able to reconcile the fact that he is now in fact become part of quell’establishment with the push anti-establishment that brought him to the presidency is another of the unknowns of the coming months and years.”

The damage of globalization

“Trump – adds Colombo – seems to present himself to redistribute the costs of globalization, going to act on the economic lever of the opening of the US, then, paradoxically, one of the flagships of the US role in the world. He said he wanted to put his hand, not only to the entire fabric of multilateral international coexistence, but with particular reference to the multilateral fabric that the degree of opening of the international economy. ”

The bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom

“Not surprisingly, Trump, differing radically from the Obama administration, plans to dismantle the two major trade agreements that were the pride of his predecessor: the Free Trade Area of the Pacific and the Atlantic. The Trump administration seems to focus on bilateral partner-ship like the one that it intends to establish with the United Kingdom. This is huge news in the history of US foreign policy. The other aspect is his attempt to retain American companies within the American territory to return jobs to his constituents.”

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