Pope Francis rebukes ‘lazy,’ ‘egotistical,’ ‘constantly condemning’ Christians

Pope Francis rebukes ‘lazy,’ ‘egotistical,’ ‘constantly condemning’ Christians

Jan Bentz and John-Henry Westen

ROME, Italy, January 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis continued his veiled criticism of Catholics opposed to “new horizons” in his homily Tuesday morning, labeling them “parked Christians.” He continued with this theme as he has throughout his pontificate, speaking in this morning’s homily of the “egotistical mentaility” of the “doctors of the law” who “constantly condemn” others.

Francis said Christians should be open to change, saying they cannot “park” and be “lazy” when faced with adversity or remain in their “refrigerator.” For some, he added, life is “living in the fridge, just like that, so that everything remains the same.”

Francis specifically mentioned “lazy Christians, Christians, who do not have the will to continue, Christians, who do not struggle for a change of things, for new things to come, those that if changed would be a good for everybody.” Specifying about whom he was speaking, Francis added, “when I say Christians I mean all: lay, priests, bishops, all of them.”

In his homily at Casa Santa Marta this morning, the Pope said, “Consider the doctors of the law who persecuted Jesus. These men did everything prescribed by the law. But their mindset was distanced from God. Theirs was an egotistical mindset, focused on themselves: their hearts constantly condemned [others].”

The frequency with which Pope Francis has verbally reproached those not alligned with his progressive agenda within the Church has seen a marked increase in recent months. Only ten days ago he lashed out at “doctors of the law” who he said were incoherent, hypocritical, clericalist, and lacking in real authority.

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2 comments on “Pope Francis rebukes ‘lazy,’ ‘egotistical,’ ‘constantly condemning’ Christians

  1. Bergoglio is constantly scolding, finger pointing, and whining. He’s like an old peasant woman.
    Remember when progressive modernists used to whine that we needed to get away from “guilt” and Jansenism? What happened to that? This progressive modernist pope is constantly inventing new sins and finding fault with orthodox Catholics while pandering to secular and Leftist opinion.
    This progressive posturing and finger pointing has become tiresome.

  2. I agree that the finger pointing has become tiresome.
    Enough already!
    We get the message Your Holiness – we are to be progressive and loving and non judgmental … er, wait a minute, aren’t you, Your Holiness, being continually judgmental? I have lost count of how many times you have issued a judgmental blast against those nasty, rigid orthodox Catholics. You know, the ones who want to say lots of Rosaries and worship in an old fashioned way. The ones who still believe that once married a second union would be adultery. Didn’t Someone else say that 2000 years ago? Was He also being judgmental?

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