Louie V. : FINALLY! Bishops Attack AL’s Most Basic Error!


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LifeSite News is reporting that three Eastern European prelates – Archbishop Tomash Peta, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider – have issued an appeal calling on faithful Catholics to join them in a “spiritual crusade,” praying:

“That Pope Francis may confirm the unchanging praxis of the Church with regard to the truth of the indissolubility of marriage.”
While this appeal is similar in many ways to others, it is noteworthy indeed.

Although addressed to the faithful of the entire Church, this call to prayer is accompanied by a rather lengthy text (available in full at the link above) that is clearly meant to serve as yet another act of admonishment and warning directed at Francis himself. In fact, one can reasonably assume that Francis has already received it.

Here, I offer what I consider to be some of the highlights:
The three bishops, in no uncertain terms, take Francis to task without even naming him when they write:

Pastors of the Church who tolerate or authorize, even in individual or exceptional cases, the reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist by the divorced and so-called “remarried,” without their being clothed in the “wedding garment,” despite the fact that God himself has prescribed it in Sacred Scripture (cf. Matt. 22:11 and 1 Cor. 11:28-29) as the necessary requirement for worthy participation in the nuptial Eucharistic supper, such pastors are complicit in this way with a continual offense against the sacramental bond of marriage, the nuptial bond between Christ and the Church and the nuptial bond between Christ and the individual soul who receives his Eucharistic Body.

The text went on to cite as an example the “pastoral guidelines” for the implementation of Amoris Laetitia that were issued by the bishops of Buenos Aires; the same of which Francis said “there are no other interpretations.”

In so doing, it is perfectly clear to the well-informed (and most notably to Jorge Bergoglio himself) that this admonishment of “such pastors” applies first and foremost to Francis…

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3 comments on “Louie V. : FINALLY! Bishops Attack AL’s Most Basic Error!

  1. Yes, let’s give credit where credit is due. These bishops are openly denouncing the obvious. It seems hard for us to imagine that we are acknowledging and even praising bishops for denouncing the obvious. But such is the state of things.

    Yet, all that said, what are these bishops going to do about it all? That is where I think Archbishop Lefebvre stands apart. He not only denounced and opposed the apostasy, but he presented a real alternative to the apostates in Rome. He founded a congregation of priests than would ensure the continuation of the faith and sacraments, so as to assist those who could see beyond the politics of ‘legalism’ and who wanted to keep the faith, even if it meant seperating themselves from those who where the promoters of this apostasy.

  2. I don’t recall offhand if this was posted when it appeared on the Remnant site, but it is an excellent, brief article to accompany Louie’s exhortation.


  3. The three bishops ask Catholics to pray daily the traditional prayer for the Pope:

    Let us pray for Francis, our Pontiff: May the Lord protect him, and give him life, and make him blessed on earth, and not deliver him unto his enemies. You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

    I prefer to pray their specific intention: “That Pope Francis may confirm the unchanging praxis of the Church with regard to the truth of the indissolubility of marriage.”

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