CM Exclusive: Fr. Dariusz Oko on the Homoheresy

The famous priest speaks with Church Militant about the plague of homosexual clergy in the Church

by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D. • ChurchMilitant • January 17, 2017

KRAKOW – Polish priest Fr. Dariusz Oko sat down with Michael Voris in December 2016 to discuss the crisis of homosexual clergy, a problem that continues to afflict the Catholic Church.

Best known for his 2012 blockbuster exposé “With the Pope [i.e., Benedict XVI] Against the Homoheresy,” which offered frank discussion of the homosexual infiltration of the clergy, Fr. Oko continued the theme in his interview with Church Militant.

“There is a gay mafia inside the Catholic Church,” he said. “They create these informal unions and they infiltrate the Church.”

He also confirmed that this infiltration reaches the highest ranks. “There is most definitely a problem with homosexual bishops in the universal Church,” he commented. “Pope Benedict dethroned 70 such bishops worldwide who either covered up pedophile priests or who themselves were active in homosexual relationships.”

He noted the examples of Polish archbishops Josef Wesolowski and Juliusz Paetz, who turned out to be sexual predators, as well as Cdl. Keith O’Brien of Scotland, forced into retirement by Pope Benedict XVI because of a homosexual scandal.

“Just like in the military, in the police, in the art world,” he continued, “once a person with homosexual tendencies gets into power, usually their subordinates are also homosexuals, therefore they start creating a pyramid, and the same thing is happening in the Church with these bishops who knowingly nominate people with the same tendencies.”

Father Oko explained that those with homosexual tendencies reject the “warrior mentality” necessary in the Christian life. “[T]hey will not emulate our Lord as the warrior, as the counter symbol to the prevailing evil,” he remarked. “They will try to orient the Church to being emotional, to having a dialogue with everybody, turning the Church into a ‘safe space.’ They don’t like battle or confrontation.”

He continued;

The Lavender Mafia want to have a comfortable life. They don’t want to do battle with anyone who threatens their position. That is why they will compromise on almost anything. There are atrocities being committed against young men in the orders, especially the Franciscans and the Dominicans, who are molested by their superiors, and they are told to shut up by their bishops. Archbishop Paetz is a perfect example. This is extremely atrocious because a lot of these young men are very dedicated and orthodox. They love the Church and want to serve the Church. On a psychological level, their whole world can be devastated by such an act. They can literally go crazy. They could have been great brothers in the orders and great priests but they end seeking psychological help. They are a wreck, basically.

In spite of the evil, Fr. Oko is reminding the faithful we have a duty to fight for Holy Mother Church. “[It] is basically a Mystical Body being attacked by a cancer, and it is our role to defend the Mystical Body from this cancer.”

“We can’t forget about the saints,” he continued. “So even today not everything about the Catholic Church is evil. We can point out St. Francis, St. John Paul II, St. Padre Pio, St. Sister Faustina — even in these turbulent times there are saints, there are Christians who are the most beautiful kind of people.”

“There is a lot of evil,” he conclude, “and there is a lot of good happening in the Catholic Church.”

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  1. “Saint” Wojtyla continually stroked the sex cult with his implementation of classroom sex-ed, his TOB, his promotion of NFP; he presided over horrible scandals where his bishops covered for the homos; he created faggot Bernardin cardinal and never corrected that, and created other faggot cardinals (see Randy Engel’s book “Rite of Sodomy”); he lauded and was chummy with molester Maciel and his mind-control cult, even though Ratzinger knew better. That he didn’t immediately implement the traditional norms prohibiting fags and fems from ministry was a shame, but not a surprise. No, Wojtyla is not an example of saintliness in these matters.

  2. Sorry 747pilot: NO BLEEPERY HERE! – AQ moderator Tom

  3. Love Ann Barnhardt’s enthusiasm, but there is so much wrong with her reasoning it is hard to know where to start refuting it.
    Here’s just one example:
    “The truth is objective, external to ourselves, and above all, KNOWABLE. If the identity of the pope is unknowable, then the papacy itself is irrelevant.”
    That truth in *general* is knowable does not mean that *every* truth is knowable to everyone. Logical fallacy here of taking the part for the whole. There are LOTS of objective facts out there that we can be ignorant of.
    That the identity of the pope is unknowable has nothing to do with the relevancy of the papacy. Things are important or relevant because of what they are, not who knows them. Ironically, Ann’s statement implies she is guilty of the same thing she criticizes Benedict for: “Pope Benedict thinks that the defining criterion of something’s existence is what it MEANS, not what it IS.” If there were such a person as the Man in the Moon, the papacy would mean nothing to him; he’d not even be aware of its existence. That changes nothing of the fact that the papacy is what it is, or what its relevance is. Even if it had no relevance to the Man in the Moon (which it would ), it would still have relevance to all those living on this planet.
    Ann is great at rhetoric, but rhetoric is the art of convincing your auditors. Sophistry and false reasoning is often used in it.
    Another case of a real zealous convert who, unfortunately, takes too much upon himself.

  4. That the lack of a pope (sede vacant) is unknowable except for a handful of solons on the Internet is heresy. Our Lord founded a visible Church, the city set on the hill. Vatican I defined that the Church will have a pastor until Our Lord returns. If we will have a pastor, it’s necessary that the Church knows who the pastor is. Likewise, if the bishops and the faithful recognize a person to be the pastor, excepting some Internet solons of course, then he is the pope. It’s very simple.

    • I was not trying to suggest that we don’t know who the pope is at present. In the present case, we do, b/c the mere fact that the vast majority of Catholics recognize him as such guarantees it. At least that’s the common opinion of theologians. It’s not a dogmatic assertion, but it’s a heck of a lot more sure than any reasons some internet Solon can give to the contrary. See
      There have, however, been significant lengths of time when, though we had a pope, no one knew for certain who the pope was, e.g. the Great Western Schism.
      Taking your point as it literally stands though, you are not saying that there can be no time in which we do not know who the pope is, but no time when we can not know that we LACK a pope entirely, which, put another way, means there can be no time when the vast majority of faithful are in error, or fooled, as to that the supposed pope is not the pope.
      Although Vatican I defined that there would always be a pope, it did not define what the time limit for an interregnum would be. Before the turn of the 19th c., a Father Edward O’ Reilly (if I remember the name correctly), in a certain book, opined that the length of one long lifetime, say 100 years, would be the limit. But that’s debatable, of course.
      The problem with people like Ann is that they always speak dogmatically; they have this rash (and ultimately prideful) presumption that they are always right, and are here to teach everybody else just about anything about everything.
      BTW, that article I cited at trueorfalsepope gets thoroughly into the validity of Benedict’s resignation. It’s a healthy contrast to the hearsay stuff that Ann brings forward.

      • Oops – I was taking on Ann Barnhardt, not you, but her full statements are gone and must be read from your post. She is spouting heresy. Your analysis is right on, and covers my point more fully than I did.

  5. IMO the question is not whether we have a pope or not but whether we have a good one. Lord knows we have had many popes in the past that have been, shall we say, less than good but the Church survived nonetheless. We must trust in the Lord and pray that whoever occupies the Chair of Peter will faithfully execute the duties of that office. Satan knows thar if he attacks the head, the body will suffer. We must not help him do the job.

  6. Colonel, the Cath. Encyc. bio of Pope Leo X, who condemned Luther, is one example of a “lesser” pope (compared to the greats such as St Leo, St Gregory, SS Pius V and X, etc.) who had some weaknesses but ever upheld doctrine and never worked to weaken obedience to, or outflank, Sacred Tradition.

  7. I posted the article because I thought it was very controversial and would create some discussion. Which it did. I value all your opinions and all I was trying to was back up what Fr. Oko was saying in the interview with M. Voris, concerning all the homosexuals in high places in the Church and the power they wield. As far as Francis not being the real Pope, it is like saying Trump is an illegitimately elected President. It just is not true. I believe Francis is the Pope as he was elected and installed by the body who has the power to do and carry out that function. Now the question remains, is he a ” Good Pope” ? Well today on Church Militant M. Voris , predicted that the Church will be gone in a few decades and puts the blame on the Church Hierarchy. I would post , the Voris prophecy, but do not know how to get it to this site. Now giving the “Devil” his due, just maybe Francis and the Cardinals feel that by relaxing the rules more people will join and that would save the Church. I do not subscribe to this thinking, but I am not in any position of power in the Church either. The statistics of the past 50 years bear out just the opposite. Relax the rules, go against Church Doctrine and Tradition and people leave or will not join. But, it is always good to hear all opinions and thoughts on these important issues. Although I do not agree with the A. Barnhart position , I do feel she should be heard or at least given the chance to state her position. Maybe the only way Ms. Barnhart can rationalize what is happening now with the Church today is to believe it is not real, because the Pope is not really THE POPE. Oh Well !

    • Explanation accepted.

      Re: Today’s (January 19, 2017) Vortex: Mikey or Mophead (as some AQers like to call him) is speaking about the coming extinction of the Church in America based on certain contemporary trends on Catholics leaving the Church and blames it on the AmChurch hierarchy.

      Concerning posting it on AQ: You can copy-and-paste the transcript or search Google or Youtube by title (Vortex Catholic Counting) for the video and then copy-and-paste the embed code (If you are posting it as a comment, also copy-and-paste the video’s URL, because the video may not appear in one of the modes of reading comments, and thus copying the URL will serve as a link to the video). I do that below.

      In an earlier Vortex, we reported between the years of 2008 and 2014, 3 million Catholics left the Faith in the United States. So we went digging to see what the numbers are for the the last 15 years, since the turn of the century — essentially one generation.

      Brace yourselves here: According to the most recent data from solid sources, in the year 2000, 18 million Americans identified themselves as former Catholics — those who had left the Faith. One generation later, as of 2016, that number had swelled to 30 million.

      Elevent million more Catholics have left the Faith since the turn of the century. There are more Catholics over 50 than under 50. And there are more Catholics over 65 than under 30. And the percentage of young people — those under 30 — in the Church is a smaller percentage than almost any other religion.

      Only Jehovah’s Witnesses and mainline Protestants have a smaller percentage of young people comprising their ranks than Catholics, and even there, Catholics are a hair’s breadth away from being dead last.

      17 percent of the Church are people under 30.
      16 percent of mainline Protestants are people under 30.
      15 percent of Jehovah’s Witnesses are people under 30.
      Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and the Eastern Orthodox all have larger percentages within their ranks of people under 30 than the Catholic Church does.

      Over the next 15 years, we can expect to see the raw number, the straight pure number of Catholics begin to drop off more dramatically. One of out every five Catholics right now, today, is over 65. Almost all of those people will be dead in 10–15 years. And they aren’t being sufficiently replaced. Additionally, we’re beginning to reach the moment where there will be more Catholics who have actually left the Faith then there are those who claim to still be in it.

      Although there are conflicting data on the actual number of Catholics in the United States, a safe number is about 73 million. Thirty million Catholics, as we said before, no longer call themselves Catholics. Just another 6 or 7 million leaving the Faith, and there will be more former Catholics than those who still identify as Catholics.

      At current trends, which show no slowing up or changing, we will reach that moment in about three years — right around 2020. We already know from surveys during the campaign that the percentage of Catholics relative to the overall U.S. population has slipped from the historically stable number of 25 percent to roughly 20 percent, and the percentage of Catholic voters dropped from 26 percent to approximately 21 percent.

      This is a Church in full-blown retreat.

      Eleven percent fewer parishes since 2000; 18 percent fewer priests; and only two thirds what priests there are are in active ministry. The other third are too old for active ministry. Graduate-level seminarians essentially flat lined. The slight increase in the numbers of priestly ordinations is nowhere near enough the number needed to replace those dying — not by half, in fact.

      Infant baptisms off by a third. Adult conversions down by 40 percent. First Holy Communions and confirmations also both down. And marriages — perhaps the most significant barometer for the future life of the Church — down almost 50 percent since the year 2000. In fact, the only two sacraments that there aren’t officially horrible numbers for are the only ones no official records are kept for: confession and anointing of the sick.

      But any Catholic with working eyes knows the number of confessions has also fallen off the cliff. Even the number of Catholic funerals since the year 2000 has dropped by 16 percent.

      This entire disaster — and that is what it is — must be placed squarely at the feet of the U.S. hierarchy, who have done nothing meaningful to arrest the decline and have in many ways helped speed it along. What business would tolerate such horrible results from its managers and directors? It would have fired them more than a decade ago for complete incompetence.

      We here at Church Militant often get blamed for causing division, often times by many of the bishops and their staffs. Look at these numbers, Your Excellencies, numbers largely taken from your own data, and own them. Don’t blame us. The vast majority of Catholics have no idea who we are. It’s not causing division to point at the house burning down and yell “Fire!”

      Your lackluster, protestant-minded, false ecumenism, happy-clappy, fake-joy, heresy-accommodating, tradition-hating strategies are responsible for this failure. You and your staffs have caused the division — not us, not others. You!

      You have given young people nothing to commit to, other than embracing worldly causes, which they don’t need you to tell them to do. You have abandoned or destroyed one tradition after another to the point that now, we have arrived at a point where there is no longer any Catholic identity to speak of. You have allowed and even encouraged a flood of abuses in the liturgy, the seminaries, religious houses, schools and colleges so that young people have no idea what being Catholic means, so understandably they have no loyalty to it.

      You have not taught. You have not encouraged. You have not loved. And accordingly, your sheep are abandoning you. You have ground underfoot the patrimony of tens of millions of Catholics from former generations and sold it off. And you rip into loyal Catholics who point this out to try and wake up what few remaining Catholics there are before it’s too late — if it isn’t in fact already too late.

      Your ill-advised, protestant-based evangelization efforts and emotional theatrical presentations won’t turn this around. All you are doing is putting into high gear what you’ve already been doing since the year 2000. In the next 15 years, when most of you will have been judged by Almighty God, you will stand before Him and be directly responsible for a Church in America that will be unrecoverable owing to your spiritual cowardice.

      You will have to explain to Jesus Christ, one by one, how you embraced the world instead of converting it. Your lampstand has been taken away. You need to meditate on that in the quiet of the night, when there is no one around except you and God. And you need to tremble and quake at the fate that awaits you at your judgments if you don’t reverse course immediately.

      Pray for them, Catholics; pray that the majority of them will wake up before they all die in their sins in a few years.

  8. Well, here and there, there are some exceptions to the episcopal calamity which is, one must admit, as real and awful as CM reports. Prob’ly worse in fact were a matrix of spiritual and moral orthodoxy applied to those remaining in the Church in the US.

    The bishop in Denver has rescued a small band of trad exorcists (and a tiny pious association of trad women who seek to become nuns) from their recent expulsion by the new Bergoglian bishop of Tulsa, OK. And the bishop of Portland, OR is very trad-friendly, offering the Latin Mass himself regularly.

    If I understood other posts (and on other trad forums) correctly, even the current pontificate is now only beginning to come under CM’s microscope.

    Better late than never.

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