The Long Liturgical March to the Nervous Ordeal

This series by Dr. Byrne is exceptionally valuable. No sentient Nervous Ordeal advocate could study it and fail to see how completely hoodwinked he has been.

It proves Mons. Joseph Clifford Fenton’s observation that, after the death of St Pius X, the Church suffered from increasingly “tolerant” popes who appointed, as Fenton put it, more and more stupid men as bishops.

The Byrne series, alongside the Fenton Diaries, makes clear how matters went so quickly from “innovative” to completely catastrophic.

Here is the link to the account of Fenton’s visits to Rome just prior to and during the first sessions of the un-council in 1962…

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3 comments on “The Long Liturgical March to the Nervous Ordeal

  1. Father Fenton’s error was not coming to the aid of Father Leonard Feeney who saw that the whole march toward ecumenism and the the unseating of the Catholic Church as the one voice of Almighty God on Earth.

    • Yes – in 1951 he attacked Fr. Feeney in print.

      • [A summary from Gate of Heaven, by SR. CATHERINE GODDARD CLARK, M.I.C.M., R.I.P., foundress of the original St. Benedict Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts]

        A friend brought us two copies of the February and March (1951) issues of the American Ecclesiastical Review, containing a long article on the doctrine of No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church by the Rev. Joseph Clifford Fenton, D. D., of Catholic University, editor of the magazine. In the continued article, Father Fenton attacked Father Feeney, Raymond Karam, and St. Benedict Center, on their stand on the doctrinal controversy in which they are engaged. He spoke of the Holy Father [Pope Pius XII]’s censure, in the encyclical Humani Generis, of those who reduce the dogma “Outside the Church there is No Salvation” to a meaningless formula. And now comes the shock: According to Father Fenton, the people who reduce the doctrine to a meaningless formula – are Father Feeney and St. Benedict Center!

        And what is it Father Feeney and St. Benedict Center are saying about the doctrine which makes it meaningless? They are saying it means exactly what it says.

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