“Catholic” organizations petition President-elect Trump on climate

“Catholic” organizations petition President-elect Trump on climate

[“‘Round up the usual suspects’ to endorse the petition.” Also, the Catholic Climate Covenant’s director is a supporter of the pro-abort political action committee Emily’s List as well as of the pro-sodomite Human Rights Campaign and similar groups]

Catholic World News – January 17, 2017

The Catholic Climate Covenant, an organization which the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops helped form in 2006, has urged President-elect Donald Trump to “demonstrate bold leadership in addressing the climate crisis by honoring the Paris Agreement, contributing to the Green Climate Fund, and implementing the Clean Power Plan.”

The Catholic Climate Covenant’s petition has been endorsed by over a dozen other Catholic organizations, including the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, the Leadership Conference for Women Religious, the Franciscan Action Network, the Sisters of Mercy, and Catholics Confront Global Poverty, which is a joint initiative of the bishops’ conference and Catholic Relief Services.

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