Pope Francis meets with Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian Embassy to the Holy See is inaugurated

[The topic of terrorism isn’t mentioned, e.g., “Palestinian” yutes donning C4 jackets and blowing up buses with women and children, or the showering of rocket bombs on Israeli citizens.]


The 20-minute meeting was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For Abbas, the pontiff “loves the Palestinian people and loves peace.” He hopes that other countries will follow the Holy See and recognise Palestine as “an independent state.” Concerns remain over the Holy Places. The Middle East Peace Conference starts tomorrow in Paris. Abbas criticises Trump for his statements on Jerusalem.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – Pope Francis met this morning with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in a private audience at the Vatican. The meeting, which began at 10.12, lasted 20 minutes in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, some sources report.

During the tête-à-tête, the Palestinian president said that the “Pope loves the Palestinian people and loves peace.” Mahmoud Abbas told the press afterwards that “The Holy See has recognised Palestine as an independent state, and I hope other countries will follow the Vatican’s example and recognise the Palestinian state.”

In a cordial atmosphere, Pope Francis embraced President Abbas and told him “It is a pleasure to receive you.” The president responded, saying “I am happy to be here.”

The Palestinian leader was accompanied by a delegation of about 15 people, one of whom gave the pope a football jersey with the colours of the Palestine national team and said that he was married to an Argentinean woman.

Before taking his leave, Abu Mazen gave the Pontiff a stone from Golgotha, an icon of the face of Jesus, an icon depicting the Holy Family, a documentary on the restoration of the Basilica of the Nativity, and a book on relations between the Holy See and Palestine.

Pope Francis gave the president the medal for the Jubilee of Mercy as well as a copy of Amoris Laetitia and Laudato Si’, in Arabic.

After the meeting, which follows the June 2015 Global Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Palestine, Abbas made his way to Via di Porta Angelica, a few steps from the colonnade of St Peter, where he inaugurated the Embassy of Palestine to the Holy See.

In his recent address to the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis renewed the Holy See’s appeal for “the dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians towards a stable and enduring solution that guarantees the peaceful coexistence of two states within internationally recognized borders.”

For the pope, who has addressed several times the Israeli-Palestinian issue, “No conflict can become a habit impossible to break. Israelis and Palestinians need peace. The whole Middle East urgently needs peace!”

The statement by the Vatican Press Office goes on to say that the meeting stressed “the importance of safeguarding the sanctity of the Holy Places for believers of all three of the Abrahamic religions. Finally, particular attention was dedicated to the other conflicts affecting the region.

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8 comments on “Pope Francis meets with Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian Embassy to the Holy See is inaugurated

  1. Vatican opens Palestinian embassy ahead of critical summit in Paris (Jihad Watch)

    [Spencer’s overview]
    A Palestinian state would, like Gaza, be simply another jihad base from which “Palestinians” would launch new attacks against the State of Israel. That the Pope would validate it in this way is an unconscionable granting of the Catholic Church’s imprimatur both to the fictional “Palestinian people,” who were invented by the KGB and Yasir Arafat in the 1960s to counter the view of the tiny Jewish state surrounded by numerous gargantuan Arab states, and to the Palestinian jihad, which seeks a new genocide of the Jews, with “Palestinians” openly celebrating the murder of Israeli civilians.

    The very “Palestinians” whose cause Pope Francis is aiding and abetting will, given the chance, oppress and subjugate the Christians in their domains as dhimmis, deprived of basic rights under Islamic law. In Israel, by contrast, Christians live in freedom. The Pope is betraying his own people.

    “Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

    • [Further comment (actually, an exchange) from Deacon Robert Spencer]

      An exchange on Israel and the “Palestinians” between Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, S.J. and Robert Spencer


      Father Samir Khalil Samir, SJ is Professor of Islamology and Middle East Christianity at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. He recently sent me a lengthy letter in which he wrote: “J’apprécie beaucoup ce que vous écrivez sur l’Islam” (I appreciate very much what you write about Islam). He does not, however, appreciate very much what I write about Israel and the “Palestinians,” as he made clear in that letter and has now reiterated in a comment he left at Jihad Watch this morning:

      Father Samir Khalil SAMIR, SJ says

      January 15, 2017 at 8:12 am

      All the insults that I read in some of the comments are shameful and unworthy of this site.

      1) Pope Francis is a man who seeks to build PEACE among peoples. What he said about Islam as “a religion of PEACE” was not correct, as I explained to him in my personal meeting with him for 30 minutes on Monday, 6 June 2016. I also gave him my book “Violence and non-violence in the Qur’an and Islam” and 3 other articles from me on the question. Its objective is to restore the dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Muslim world, interrupted for nearly 6 years, and it has succeeded: the meeting is scheduled for the month of February in Cairo.

      2) His meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas goes in the same direction: it is about building together PEACE. The State of Palestine exists, recognized by the United Nations, just as the State of Israel exists. It is not the USA that decides whether or not a state exists, but the United Nations, notwithstanding certain readers. However, the State of Palestine never invaded the State of Israel, or occupied a single square meter of that State. On the other hand, the State of Israel invades periodically the State of Palestine, occupies a part of it after having driven the Palestinian inhabitants. In my opinion, the invading State (whatever it is) is a terrorist state.

      3) Pope Francis — who is neither American, nor Palestinian, nor Israeli — does not judge with feelings, but according to the INTERNATIONAL LAW. If we want to live in PEACE –and this is the primary goal of every reasonable citizen –, INTERNATIONAL decisions must be respected, even if they are questionable. They could be discussed, but as long as they exist they must be applied. I am convinced that PEACE is possible between these two States, and that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis want it. They must be helped to achieve it by scrupulously respecting INTERNATIONAL decisions, even if it means reviewing certain points.

      4) Finally, it is a serious mistake to mix religion with this question, as a great many of the citizens of the two States unfortunately do. It is a question of INTERNATIONAL politics, which can only be resolved by INTERNATIONAL Law. It is not a matter of sentiment or sensitivity. The problem is POLITICAL, it is not sentimental or religious.

      Father Samir Khalil SAMIR, SJ (Professor of Islamology and Middle East Christianity at the Pontifical Oriental Institute)

      To that I responded:

      Robert Spencer says

      January 15, 2017 at 12:32 pm

      Fr. Samir:

      Thank you for your comments.

      1. He appears not to have heeded your wise counsel in regard to the nature of Islam. What good is a “dialogue” with the Muslim world when it is based on false pretenses?

      2. In reality, the Arabs (the “Palestinians” had not yet been invented, as they would be in the 1960s by the KGB and Yasir Arafat) rejected a Palestinian Arab state in 1948, and the surrounding Arab states invaded the State of Israel with the intention of destroying it. By your own statement that “the invading State (whatever it is) is a terrorist state,” Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia are terrorist states for invading Israel at that time. Your claim that “the State of Israel invades periodically the State of Palestine” ignores the fact that these “invasions” are preceded in every case, without exception, by rocket attacks by “Palestinians” against Israel, murders of Israeli civilians that are celebrated by “Palestinians,” etc. The fact is undeniable that if the “Palestinians” laid down their arms, there would be peace, while if the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be a new genocide of the Jews, as is frequently called for on official Palestinian television stations.

      3. Your claim that the majority of “Palestinians” want peace is belied by surveys showing that “Palestinians” overwhelmingly favor the imposition of Sharia (which would deny Christians basic rights), as well as suicide bombings: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/may/1/pew-poll-palestinians-favor-suicide-bombings-shari/

      4. As you no doubt know well from your study of Islam, in Islam the religious and the political cannot be so easily separated.

      Kindest regards,
      Robert Spencer

      • Untrue, a deceptive, revisionist screed by our modernist friend in the Byzantine rite. Palestinians did not reject a Palestinian state in 1948, they were claiming their state for many years. They rejected a UN partition plan that they saw as unjust and which they were under no obligation to have to accept. By the way, our Zionist friends, who affirmed the plan, were affirming their support for a Palestinian state that, at this point, they appear to have no intention of accepting, and actually claim that all land is now either Jewish, or in dispute, with Palestinian Arabs having no intrinsic claim to anything anymore. Attacking the Zionist usurpers in 1948 who were kicking out Palestinian Arabs, including Arab Catholics like Elias Chacour, does not constitute an aggressive invasion. Palestinian terrorism is wrong. So is the flagrant Zionist Jewish terrorism of the 1930s and 1940s that paved the way for Israel’s creation, terrorism that we seem to have easily forgotten about.

        • “Palestinian terrorism is wrong.” Good. We have some common ground. Yes, the Zionists nation did evil in driving out a lot of the locals. Our (US) Protestant forefathers did hideous things to the native Indians. Solution: throw all the whites out of South Dakota and give it to the natives. Yes, there are those who seriously want to take unjust measures to rectify past injustices. Some folks want to kill all whites, or kill all Jews, or kill all (fill in the blank) to rectify past crimes. Where to begin?

          Unless and until the “Palestinians” forswear terrorism (jihad) and free themselves from Muhammad, there is no way forward. This should be our only message to Hamas and the PA.

          Should we have a Christian Crusade to free the Holy Land from the godless Zionists? I don’t think we can justify that. Keeping the Holy Land holy is a problem. Should we just get along with the Zionists? I don’t like that. But in fighting Muhammad, we can work together. We might be able to keep them more restrained, too.

          • Our US injustices, wrong as they obviously were, are a purely historical matter now, and we generally admit to and recognize the evil that was done. Those are sharp distinctions compared to the Zionist situation. This also involves Palestinian Catholics, I would like to stress. And Palestinian nationality would encompass the Palestinian Jews who were historically in the land during these centuries, as opposed to European Jews from whom Zionism came from. Where to begin? We can begin with the aggressors in this conflict admitting their culpability. Even if many of the victims are Muslims.

  2. Not to mention that Cupich and McElroy are openly courting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, while the idiot in the Vatican is recognizing a ” State” that is not a State is mind boggling . I sometimes wonder if all the rancor about AL is just a distraction, from their real agenda of changing the Church into a Marxist, Masonic, pro LGTB institution. Just as they were wrong about Vatican 2 bringing all religions into a one world religion, they are wrong about this. This is right out of the Globalist , Obama, Clinton Kerry playbook which is a complete disaster. Luckily we got rid of the Obama idiots with this last election. Now we need to rid of the pro homo, Marxist, Masonic idiots in control of the Vatican and the Church in America. You have the bottom of the clerical ” Gene Pool” which was not very high anyway, running the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are a joke, run by perverts and Marxists, while the head of the Dominican Order and a Francis advisor was quoted as saying, “Sodomy is a gift from God”. These clowns all operate in the sewer along with their supposedly ” New Magisterial Doctrine” in AL.

    • I sometimes wonder if all the rancor about AL is just a distraction

      Me, too. Granted, AL is exactly what a destroyer of the Church would work towards. So, what’s bigger? AL won’t destroy the Church because a remnant will live on, and there will be successive popes. What’s bigger is the papacy itself. How would you go about destroying the papacy? Heresy and schism, first to discredit the papacy, then to create chaos and rancor within the highest ranks.

      I expect Francis to use the dubia as a whip to stir up chaos and division, to the point of raising up factions in the Church in open (verbal) warfare, the goal of which is to get the faithful to effect the separation of the themselves from Francis–were that possible–and then he has won. Expect him to become more despicable and virulent as this goes on.

  3. The “Religion of Peace” jumps the shark:
    Palestinian official: ‘Gates of hell will open’ if Trump moves embassy

    Another Palestinian official came out with a dramatic warning against Trump’s plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying it would open “the gates of hell.”

    A member of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party warned on Saturday night that a major conflagration would break out all over the world if US President-elect Donald Trump follows through with his plan to move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    “All chances for peace and stability will be lost,” said Fatah Revolutionary Council member Osama Qawasmeh. “The gates of hell will be opened in the region and the world.”

    He also contended that “the free people of the world will not permit the passage of such a step.”

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