“Catholic” [Marquette] University gives pro-abort students a mere ‘slap on the wrist’ for vandalizing pro-life display

“Catholic” [Marquette] University gives pro-abort students a mere ‘slap on the wrist’ for vandalizing pro-life display

John McAdams

January 13, 2017 (Marquette Warrior via LifeSiteNews) — It was the kind of stunning intolerance that has become common on college campuses: members of the feminist group Empowerment (along with some other students) defaced a university-approved anti-abortion display this past October.

Marquette has failed to explain whether any punishment was meted out to the students guilty of the vandalism. They have not even issued any assurance that punishment would be imposed for an egregious infringement on free expression.

Now we know why.

An Admission

Yesterday, Marquette held a full-day “workshop” titled “Freedom Dreams Now: Whose Lives Matter? A challenge for academics.” Yes, it was as biased and politically correct as it sounds. But one particularly interesting session was a “faculty/student round-table.” One of the students, a black female, admitted she participated in the vandalism.

Actually, it was more than an admission. She outright bragged about her action, and felt it grossly unfair that a minor punishment had been imposed on her. She complained that an officer from the campus Police Department came to question her at her workplace.

Vandalism is a criminal offense, but multiple Marquette faculty intervened on behalf of the students, and there were no criminal charges brought. Rather, Marquette’s own internal student conduct process imposed a minor punishment on the students: they were required to write a three page paper on how they had acted irresponsibly in defacing the display.

The student on the panel refused to, saying “it’s finals week.” So did one other student. Both were thus put on university probation for a semester. Not suspension, but mere probation.

Marquette, in other words, treated a frontal assault of free expression as a minor peccadillo. If some conservative students had vandalized a “gay rights” display on campus, we can’t imagine any such lenient treatment.

Faculty Response

Rather appalling was faculty response toward this student and her vandalism, which was favorable. One female faculty member described the vandalism as “free speech” and expressed her joy at seeing the vandalized display. Other faculty expressed the hope that the incident would not appear on the permanent record of the student.

Of course, the expressed opinions of a few faculty may not have represented the views of everybody in the room, and indeed, the people in the room were probably heavily self-selected from among leftist politically correct faculty. But there can be no doubt that a considerable number of Marquette faculty welcome this suppression of politically incorrect opinions.

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4 comments on ““Catholic” [Marquette] University gives pro-abort students a mere ‘slap on the wrist’ for vandalizing pro-life display

  1. This incident at Marquette could qualify for an Orwell Award. In the old days when such institutions were actually Catholic and Jesuit in a real way the students would have been expelled and forced to pay restitution after being shown the mercy of being admonished that they risked eternal damnation in hell for supporting the murder of unborn children.

    In a certain sense the liberal cabal running Marquette now as a three-ring circus of political correctness, multiculturalism, and secular humanism, is not really following the Land O’Lakes agenda which wanted Catholic colleges and universities to be like non-Catholic Ivy League institutions. Back in the heady days of the 1980s Dartmouth suspended students who vandalized a political display they disagreed with (the shanties or Shantytown controversy).


    The anti-Catholic liberal eggheads running Marquette into the ground should explain their scale of justice (and then they should all be fired so some real Catholic educators can restore Catholic education on that campus). Students so demonic that would deface a pro-life display
    do not belong at Marquette so they should be expelled. Does Milwaukee even have a Catholic bishop? Don’t bother calling Rome – there are no longer any adult Catholics answering the phone there.

  2. Prof. McAdams should team up with Prof. Anthony Esolen of Providence College to collaborate on a book documenting the crisis of Catholic higher education and the PC absurdity to which these campuses are being subjected. If Father Schall wrote the foreward or introduction they would have a winner. The liberal PC agenda of multiculturalism, secular humanism, and moral relativism coming from the Land O’Lakes conference agenda to de-Catholicize and secularize these colleges is destroying them.

  3. Here’s the original post on McAdams’ blog. It has links to supporting information:

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