San Diego Bishop McElroy To Relocate To Los Angeles

San Diego Bishop McElroy To Relocate To Los Angeles

[Where will LA’s incumbent Archbishop Gomez go? – Back to Opus Dei to become its new Prelate, which is currently “sede vacante”?]


San Diego bishop Robert McElroy announced today that he would be relocating to Los Angeles, ending a two-year stint with San Diego.

McElroy has notified Pope Francis and other bishops of his intent to move to Los Angeles by the 2017 Lenten season, sources said.

“At first I hoped it was fake news,” San Diego Hall of Fame bishop Robert Brom said of the move. “It’s something that is unfathomable, but it is reality.”

“This has been a very difficult decision for McElroy to make,” a source close to the diocese said. “While the economics of the decision have been clear, McElroy’s loyalty to San Diego has made the decision to move difficult.”

Last year’s Acolyte Rookie of the Year Donovan Thomas said, “More than anything, I’m shocked. I didn’t think it was going to happen. I thought he was going to stay in San Diego…so I guess L.A. is his new diocese then. Sweet.”

Earlier this year, McElroy’s efforts to have San Diego tithers help pay for a new state-of-the-art pastoral center was strongly rejected by parishioners.

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One comment on “San Diego Bishop McElroy To Relocate To Los Angeles

  1. “Truth [can be] stranger than fiction [or satire].”

    Despite FrankenPope warning “against ambitious prelates who want to be promoted from one diocese to a more prestigious one” and reminding them of “the ancient view that bishops ‘are married to a Church’ and should not be ‘in constant search for another'” (Thomas Reese, S.J., in the National un-Catholic Reporter) such as something bigger (an archdiocese) and/or better (a Vatican dicastery and/or a red hat), His Holiness has been busy fulfilling such ambitions by advancing “friendly” bishops; for example, Cupich after four years in Spokane to Chicago and then a red hat, Joe “Big Red” Tobin with a red hat after five years in Indianapolis (unprecedented for that archdiocese) and then to Newark, and Farrell from Dallas to a new Vatican dicastery and presumably a red hat in the near future.

    So keep an eye on the currently open (arch)dioceses in America to see who gets what in 2017:

    U.S. bishops who already have submitted letters of resignation to the Pope, required at age 75, are:

    Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C.;
    Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona;
    Bishop Martin Amos of Davenport, Iowa; and
    Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, California.

    U.S. bishops who turn 75 this year are:

    Bishop Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond, Virginia;
    Bishop Ronald Herzog of Alexandria, Louisiana;
    Bishop Alvaro Corrada Del Rio, S.J., of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico;
    Bishop Joseph Pepe of Las Vegas, Nevada; and
    Bishop Robert Meunch of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Several dioceses, where the Pope has accepted the bishops’ resignations, await replacements. They are:

    Allentown, Pennsylvania, former bishop John Barres now bishop of Rockville Centre, New York;
    Cheyenne, Wyoming, former bishop Paul Etienne now archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska;
    Cleveland, Ohio, former bishop Richard Lennon resigned for health reasons;
    Indianapolis, Indiana, former archbishop Joseph Tobin now archbishop of Newark, New Jersey
    Juneau, Alaska, former bishop Edward Burns now bishop of Dallas, Texan;
    Pensacola-Tallahassee, Florida, former bishop Gregory Parkes now bishop of St. Petersburg, Florida;
    Raleigh, North Carolina, former bishop Michael Burbidge now bishop of Alexandria, Virginia.

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