Bergoglio, Schönborn and Spadaro – the Fascist-Masonic Junta that demand you submit!

Bergoglio, Schönborn and Spadaro – the Fascist-Masonic Junta that demand you submit!

[Islam is Arabic for “submission to the will of God”; thus, we can call this “Franken-slam” for submisson to the will of FrankenPope and his minions]

Posted by Vox Cantoris at Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Some make the mistake, often intentionally, that Islam means “peace.” It does not. It means submission. The same false religion that spawns such submission is now dominant in our the Church of Christ under the Peronist thug now sitting in the Chair of Peter. Aided and abetted by his mathematically and theologically deficient Jesuitical sycophant. Antonio Spadaro, who is so tough, he blocks people on Twitter, these three amigos, which include the official interpreter of Amoris Laetitia, Cardinal Schönborn, are ramping up the demand that Catholics submit to their pathetical and filthy heresies.


They want you to believe that the God who created the precise mathematical clock of the universe has lied to you for 2000 years. These men are traitors of Jesus Christ and His Church. Jorge Bergoglio must be resisted and confronted to his face that faithful Catholics will not accept the heretical teachings articulated in Amoris Laetitia and have had enough of his pathetic and near daily insults to the Faith and the faithful.

It is incumbent upon faithful Catholics to resist these men, including Bergoglio. It is absolutely necessary that we do not become silent but in fact, ensure that each of these men know that we resist, that we will continue to resist, we will do it in our lives and families, we will do it our conversations with other Catholics and we will do it on blogs and social media. We will make it abundantly clear to each of them that they will not succeed in this attempt to undermine the Faith. They may betray Christ and His Church, we will not.

Note that this will make them very, very, very angry and they will come at you and at me. Let them, let them expose themselves for what they are.

I direct you to this essay by Hilary White on OnePeterFive. It is a must read and deadly accurate assessment of that which we face and must face up to.

How Many Fingers is Francis Holding Up Now? Amoris Laetitia and Submission

Oh, and a message for Tony Spadaro,Tommy Rosica, Kevin Farrell and the rest of you; you can block on Twitter but it’s very easy to take out a second account to follow you and as long as one does not comment or link to those you might have blocked, we can still see your Tweets and PrintScreen them. You’re not that smart.

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One comment on “Bergoglio, Schönborn and Spadaro – the Fascist-Masonic Junta that demand you submit!

  1. A Revolution is needed. Throw the Heritics out and replace them with believers in the TRUE CHURCH ! This has gone way to far and long ! 60 + years ! Enough is Enough ! An overthrow is needed ! These clowns cannot be protected or listened to anymore! You can disband the Jesuits and other like minded irreligious orders whils you are at it. They are as much of a joke as that idiot in the Vatican 🇻🇦

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