Two new books threaten the Pope with a third Vatileaks, this time on sexual scandals

Two new books threaten the Pope with a third Vatileaks, this time on sexual scandals

Covers of the books “Lust” and “In the name of Peter” published by ANSA.


9 January 2017
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Francesca Chaouqui and Emiliano Fittipaldi, prosecuted in the case Vatileaks II, are the authors of the books “Lust” and “In the name of Peter” that will see the light in the next months.

Italian journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi, recently tried in the Vatican for his book “Avarice” which originated a second Vatileaks, will publish on January 19 a book based on new research that will take the title of “Lust”.

Feltrinelli has announced that the book by Fittipaldi, who has had access to documents containing new reserved- scandals that dot members of the Catholic Church.

“I am finding priests and monsignors who tell me that, in addition to economic scandals, there is something much worse. That the most practiced and most hidden sin in the Vatican is not greed, it is lust, “the journalist says of his new investigation. Fittipaldi adds that he will reveal the stories of priests “who have done things they should not have done” and of cardinals who hid it instead of telling it. Fittipaldi promises to give names: “it is said sin and also the sinner”.

Francesca also Chaouqui, a former member of the Commission for economic reform administrative Vatican (COSEA), has written a book entitled “In the name of Peter” which will be published on February 7 by Mondadori. According to the ANSA news agency, Chaouqui reveals in the book details of the work of the commission for finance of the Vatican of which he was a part. Chaouqui was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment with a suspended sentence by a Vatican court in the case of leakage of confidential documents of the Holy See known as Vatileaks II.

ADDENDUM from the German section of Vatican Radio (Google translation):

According to the publisher, Chaouqui wants to tell “the whole history of the Commission’s work”, “based on previously unpublished correspondence and documents”. It would be “wasting, wealth, business and intrigue” – and the machinations of “international lobbies” who wanted to prevent a success of the reform efforts of the pope.

InfoVaticana has been in contact with both authors, who have refused to make declarations for still being the titles “under embargo”.

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