How ‘Catholoc’ was Notre Dame’s LGBT panel?

How ‘Catholoc’ was Notre Dame’s LGBT panel?

[How “Catholoc” is “Noter Daim”?]

Matt Archbold / January 9, 2017 / Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup

The student newspaper of the University of Notre Dame misspelled “Catholicism” in the title of their story about a panel at the Catholic university discussing LGBT issues. The Observer ran a piece titled, “Panel discusses LGBT issues, Catholocism” which included a Catholic doctor who’d been through a divorce and ultimately decided that Church teaching on marriage “doesn’t matter” so it shouldn’t matter for LGBT issues either. The explanation given was that you can still be a good Catholic while engaging in mortal sin and ignoring Church teaching as long as you are “seeking Christ.” But if you’re truly seeking Christ, you would be trying to avoid sin and follow the teachings of His Church.

That should give you an idea of how “Catholoc” the event was.

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One comment on “How ‘Catholoc’ was Notre Dame’s LGBT panel?

  1. Ah, now I get it. If you hold on to the perennial teachings of the Church you are a Catholic, but if you abandon those and go for the novelties you are a Catholoc.

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