“There will be no correction to the Pope about the divorced-remarried.” Interview with Card. Müller

“There will be no correction to the Pope about the divorced-remarried.” Interview with Card. Müller

[Has His Eminence “caved in/come around”? Hat-tip to Canon212: “CDF’S CD. MULLER: LOW POSSIBILITY OF CORRECTION TO FRANCIS, BECAUSE THERE’S NO DANGER TO THE FAITH?!”]

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Google translation of stanzevaticane.tgcom24.it/2017/01/08/non-ci-sara-alcuna-correzione-al-papa-sui-divorziati-risposati-intervista-al-ca

“A fraternal correction to the Pope seems very distant to me, at this time is not possible because there is no danger to the faith,” said Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, on the program “Vatican Rooms” to Tgcom24 about the “dubia” raised by 4 Cardinals (Burke, Meisner, and Brandmüller Caffara) on some sections of ‘apostolic exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” on access to the sacraments to divorced and remarried and the possibility of making a “correction” to Pope Francis.

“Everyone,” said the German cardinal, “especially the cardinals of the Roman Church, have the right to write a letter to the Pope. I was surprised because this has become public, however, almost forcing the Pope to say yes or no. I do not like. Even a possible fraternal correction of the Pope, “he continued,” it seems very far away, it is not possible at this time because it is not a danger to the faith as St. Thomas said. ”

The Prefect of the former Holy Office, then continued: “We are very far from a correction, and I say that is a loss to the Church to discuss these things publicly. Amoris Laetitia is very clear in its doctrine and we can interpret the whole doctrine of Jesus on marriage, the whole doctrine of the Church in 2000 years of history. Pope Francis, “the cardinal concluded,” he asks to discern the situation of these people who live a union does not regulate, that is not according to the Church’s teaching on marriage and asks you to help these people find a way to a new integration in Church under the conditions of the sacraments, the Christian message about marriage. But I do not see any opposition: on the one hand we have the clear teaching on marriage, on the other the obligation of the Church to worry about these people in difficulty. “

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7 comments on ““There will be no correction to the Pope about the divorced-remarried.” Interview with Card. Müller

  1. This is NOT rocket science.

    A. Ratum et consummatum = lifelong indissolubility, period. No exceptions.

    B. The several deriment impediments recognized since antiquity still obtain. And those are rare as hen’s teeth.

    AL is another spear being used to pierce and further transform the already deficient, theologically illiterate minds of literally hundreds of millions of Catholics, enroute to the all-out Lutheranization of Brave New Church.

    Whatever whichever progressive hierarch has to say is beside the point.

    They either obey the clear teaching of Christ and His Perennial Magisterium or they defy Him and all Church history.

  2. Captain Renault: Well, I’m shocked! Shocked to find progressive modernist dissembling going on here!

  3. More stones and scorpions instead of bread. What allow loving fathers they are.

  4. The World Church Turned Upside Down

    According to the above Google translation, Cardinal Muller says that the pope’s statements are “no danger to the faith” but that the cardinals’ letter is “a loss to the Church to discuss these things publicly.”

    Other personal (not machine) translations say the same about the pope’s statements presenting “no danger to the faith” but render the effect of the cardinals’ letter in stronger language such as “does harm” or “is damaging” to the Church!

  5. [Cardinal Muller’s motive?]

    From: Vatican doctrine chief criticizes four Cardinals: Pope shouldn’t be ‘forced to answer with yes or no’ By Jan Bentz and Pete Baklinski, January 9, 2017 (LifeSiteNews)

    Amid recent news that Pope Francis ordered Cardinal Müller, against the cardinal’s objections, to dismiss three priests from his office, some speculate that the Pope could be planning a thorough overhaul of the Congregation similar to the one he recently carried out at the Congregation for Divine Worship headed by Cardinal Robert Sarah. Some are asking whether Cardinal Müller may in fact be trying to avoid the kind of “silencing” that Cardinal Sarah has faced.

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