Bishop Exorcist Says Medjugorje is Diabolical

Bishop Exorcist Says Medjugorje is Diabolical

[“Better late than never”]

Posted by Tancred 1/7/17

Edit: anyone with a rudimentary catechism would know Medjugogoo is fake.

[UNAMsanctamcatholicam] We haven’t heard much from Medjugorje lately – I was following the Ruini Commission for awhile, which was charged with investigated the alleged apparitions by the Holy Father and was supposed to come up with some sort of definitive judgment. I still haven’t heard anything from Cardinal Ruini, but this 2008 interview with Bishop Andrea Gemma, one of the Church’s foremost exorcists, has recently come to light in which the bishop soundly condemns Medjugorje as a diabolical phenomenon.

Here’s a background item on the Medjugorje case, a May 2008 interview with Bishop Andrea Gemma from Gianluca Barile’s website Petrus. It was reported in the press at the time, and some quotations did appear, but I never came across the full text until recently.

Medjugorje: the accusation of the bishop-exorcist Mons. Gemma: “The apparitions of the Madonna? Completely false: the seers lie under the inspiration of Satan to profit economically”

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