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V. Putin lights candle at midnight mass

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4 comments on “De Profundis –

  1. Did Mr Obama light a candle at Midnight Mass? Did Mr Obama attend Midnight Mass? Did Mr Obama attend any church service for Christmas? Does Mr Obama believe in Christmas?
    Perhaps we should wait for Ramadan to see what Mr Obama believes.

  2. Have they covered France’s Francois Fillon?
    He seems more genuine than Putin, Obama, or Trump. He’s from the area around the monastery at Solesmes. He’s Catholic, married with five children, and has been photographed at mass.

  3. Mr. Fillon appears to me to a Catholic with no social base of support from the Catholic working class. His Catholicism is more of a rule from the top down. The Social Reign of Christ the King starts from the bottom up. Moreover, Mr. Fillon does not appear to want to get his support from the common Catholic man, but from appeals from archaic medieval past and archaic structures that does not want to disturb the ruling elites. His government would still be supporting the French Revolutionary ideals and the same republic. Mr Putin is tearing down the former Soviet structures to replace them with new Christian ones. He is not tied down with silly human respect “rules of the game”. And Mr. Putin does not go to a Novus Ordo liturgy, with a toady bishop supporting a ultra-marxist Pope. I say ” ultra-marxist” because even Stalin would have put homosexual deviants in jail. So the “Marxists” of today go beyond marxism.And what would Mr. Fillon propose doing with the already legally married homosexuals? In the political frameworks, and rules he is living in,only a change of regime can make things happen. It is necessary to completely overturn the French constitution and disown the EU and the Frencj ties and debts with the banks and NGOs. Mr. Putin does not have to do all that to get things done. His system is already set up.

    • Since I’ve only come upon Fillon’s name in recent days, any more info you’d care to post would be most interesting to me, Ghebreyesus.

      Quite an intruiging argument you present…

      I have zilch hope for France, although a few things might improve given a new nationalist gov’t. I admire the tiny handful of Trads, there, however. Those are very good people.


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