Francis and the Marquis de Sade

Francis and the Marquis de Sade

The real problem with Francis that everyone seems to have missed: The existential crisis of the West that has finally conquered – for once one checkmates the king, and the pope is our king on our board, so don’t get cute – he has won the match. It has little to do with divorce, or contraception, or homosexuals, or any other issue. Francis is the first pope to run the Church on the principle that there is no objective truth. I suppose it was just a matter of time, but the pope, although he probably does not realize it owes more to Philosophy in the Bedroom than the Bible. More to the Marquis de Sade than Christ.

Posted by The Bear on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Look at this face. Is this the face of a mean Bear? A vicious Bear? A Rabid Bear?

The Bear has begun 2017 with a return to blogging with a vengeance. While finishing his dubious novel, he had to ignore a lot that was going on.

Well, sorry, heretics, but the Bear is back.

The days of wondering whether Pope Francis is a good pope or something else are long since over with. The days of wondering why he always seems to say the wrong thing while in the domain of the Prince of the Power of the Air, or fails to correct bishops who are heterodox, are now tiny in the rear-view mirror.

It’s 2017. We know who he is, what he believes, what his tactics are, and we have an idea about his dodgy theology. And it should scare the Hell out of you.

Is the Bear provocative? Does the Bear have a certain flair for entertaining criticism? Yes. This is a blog by a Bear. It is not St. Corbinian’s Bunny Rabbit (although, for a short time when he was hacked, it was). If snarls and roars scare you, you should not even be here. Sure, the Bear may be on a bicycle juggling the heads of heretic bishops, but don’t let the cute act fool you. It’s calculated to gather a crowd while the Bear suddenly roars prophetically.

Pope Francis’ Revolution and the Marquis de Sade

Here’s the big deal. It isn’t that Pope Francis has encouraged bishops to depart from orthodoxy in sexual morality and a few other areas. It is no particular issue, or even collection of issues. It’s the fact that the philosophical suicide of Western thought has officially been adopted by the Pope of Rome.

The Marquis de Sade: “Morality is geography misconstrued.”

Pope Francis: “Truth is the calendar misconstrued.”

The Bear has argued that, for Francis, the truth is whatever he says it is, because he says it. It is like the most twisted Jack Chick caricature of infallibility. Francis does not sit confidently on the bridge of the Barque of Peter, sounding the truths of the Faith with a brazen trumpet. He is the captain of a U-Boat, sending torpedoes against the Truth, whose wakes can be discerned by those with eyes to see. He slyly introduces ideas and practices that depart from the Faith as clearly taught in the past, and relies on heterodox bishops to run with them.

He’s sneaky. Underhanded. Evasive. Vindictive. Honest men do not operate in this manner. We know this. That alone should cause even the most nose-deaf humans to smell that something is wrong,

So, what has changed? Why can divorced and remarried Catholics take communion now, when they couldn’t before? Why can homosexuals be a “family?” Why can Lutherans take communion? And these all do implicate tenets of the Faith, of course. Communion for divorced and remarried implicates both the Catholic theology – the truth – of marriage, and the Catholic understanding of Holy Communion. What has changed?

We finally got a Pope philosophically dead from the cultural disease of the West. Things change simply because Francis has decided. The Fuhrerprinzip again. Things change because times change. Truth is the calendar misconstrued. He doesn’t need to officially change dogmas, of course. That was the past, when supposed “truth” was locked up in musty old books. Now we know truth is mutable. Every human being has his or her own truth, eh? It is infinitely easier to change “pastoral practices,” to urge “discernment,” to elevate “ecumenism” to the highest good, to make Global Warming a subject of incessant preaching, then watch the parasites on the Body of Christ go to work. The Truth is to be found in the lives of the people: is found, does not form, the lives of the people.

See what a revolution this is? “What is truth?”

Sometimes the Bear fears nobody gets this but him. The fear is that he’s totally lost his mind, because he’s not really all that smart, and should not be the only one to notice something this big.

Francis is formally divorcing the Catholic Church from the very concept of truth. He acts as if the truth does not matter, or is subject to change, or more modern theological theories, or “mercy.” A Catholic Church where truth no longer matters, cannot be the Catholic Church. A Pope who acts as if truth no longer matters, cannot be a pope.

The Bear thinks this is the biggest story in a very long time. Francis doesn’t care what the letter of the law is, and need not bother changing it. He only cares about what clergy and faithful actually say and do. And, ultimately, that is all about conforming the Church to the failing culture of a dying West. In other words, at long last, the Church is failing in the exact same way, and at the exact same time, as every other worldly Western institution is failing. The implications are staggering and heartbreaking.

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2 comments on “Francis and the Marquis de Sade

  1. No, not exactly. The pope is certainly running the Church on the idea that there is no objective truth. But he is not the first one.

    Our most recent several former popes, in varying ways and forms, also did this. Pope Francis has simply gone further in this direction, and been more explicitly open about it. But authorities moving the Church away from objective truth has been in motion since the 1960s.

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