Archbishop who smuggled arms for Palestinian jihad killers dies in the Vatican

Archbishop who smuggled arms for Palestinian jihad killers dies in the Vatican

[Deus animae eius misereatur/May God have mercy on his soul]


Archbishop Hilarion Capucci earned everlasting infamy for running guns to the Palestinian jihadis who would have oppressed and subjugated his own people if they had had half a chance, and the Vatican in turn earned even more infamy by sheltering him all these years.

But Capucci’s jihad-enabling actions were no surprise: he comes from an ecclesiastical tradition that is deeply, insidiously, and inveterately anti-Semitic. Recently I encountered a bishop of that tradition who is openly and viciously anti-Semitic, dismissing Pamela Geller’s work on the sole grounds that she is a Jew. Capucci’s superior, Gregory III Laham, the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem and All the East, has proudly declared: “We, the Arab Christians, always defend Islam and our Muslim brothers – no one defends Islam like the Arab Christians do.”

Gregory III has also blamed “Zionists” for jihad attacks on Middle Eastern Christians. He is the Patriarch who walked out of a Ted Cruz speech in a rage over Cruz saying he stood with Israel. He, like so many of his peers, appears to have thoroughly imbibed the “Palestinian” jihadis’ hatred of and contempt for Israel, despite the fact that it is a more hospitable place for his own people than the Muslim countries he weeps over and offers a better life for Christians than the Islam he so ardently defends. They think that the jihadis will go easy on them if they echo their political line, loving what they love and hate what they hate. They will be in for a rude awakening when the jihadis to whom they have been so solicitous and accommodating turn on them.

Patriarch Gregory III and the now-dead Archbishop Hilarion Capucci are not alone in selling out their people and aligning with jihad murderers. Much of the Melkite clergy, and Catholic clergy in general, in the U.S. as well as in the Middle East, cower before jihad killers and pretends their cowardice is “respect.” The contemporary Catholic hierarchy in general is making nice with the jihad force, and thereby enabling its advance. And it will reap what it is sowing.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)


Hilarion Capucci: Arms-smuggling archbishop dies aged 94,” BBC, January 2, 2017:

A former Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop of Jerusalem who was convicted of smuggling arms for Palestinian militants has died aged 94.

Monsignor Hilarion Capucci served two years of a 12-year sentence in Israel before the Vatican helped secure his release.

He had a history of activism linked to Middle East conflicts.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas offered his condolences and described him as a great “freedom fighter”.

The Vatican confirmed his death on Monday, but did not say exactly when he died or give any more details.

Capucci was born in Syria’s second city, Aleppo, in 1922.

He was ordained a priest of the Basilian Alepian Order of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in 1947 and was appointed Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem and Archbishop of Caesarea in 1965.

In 1974, he was travelling from Beirut to Jerusalem in a car bearing Vatican diplomatic plates when it was stopped by Israeli security forces.

Inside were four Kalashnikov rifles, two pistols, ammunition and grenades intended for members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Capucci insisted he had been forced to transport the weapons, but an Israeli court convicted him of smuggling and sentenced him to 12 years in prison.

He was freed in 1977 following a personal appeal by Pope Paul VI….

In 2010, he was on board the Mavi Marmara when the Turkish-owned ship was intercepted by Israeli commandos as it took part in an aid flotilla attempting to breach the blockade of the Gaza Strip….

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2 comments on “Archbishop who smuggled arms for Palestinian jihad killers dies in the Vatican

  1. The archbishop’s actions regarding weapons were wrong and not becoming of his office. That is a proper criticism.

    But that does not change the fact that modernist Spencer wants to continually aid and abet Zionist sinfulness, and has no hesitations to broadly smear any Eastern Catholic/Eastern Orthodox prelates who do not share his thoughtless agenda.

    Many Arab Christians can and do sincerely support the Palestinian cause, and are not necessarily continually cowering before Arab Muslims. Treating Arab Christians better in certain ways than some peoples might is not a justification for the uprooting, dispossession, and mistreatment of such Christians.

    • Spencer … has no hesitations to broadly smear any Eastern Catholic/Eastern Orthodox prelates

      An example would help.

      Many Arab Christians can and do sincerely support the Palestinian cause

      They’re in a really bad spot. The first problem to be solved, however, is the eradication of the PA / Hamas ragheads–with extreme prejudice, I might add. Nothing is going to change as long as they’re raising kids to don C4 jackets and blow up buses full of Israeli women and children, and persist in shooting rockets at civilians. And to those who think it’s justified, I say you’re completely wrong. There is no way to reconcile murderous jihad with Catholic just war principles.

      As for Israel, we shouldn’t be funding them. I don’t mind being their ally in the fight against jihad. Yes, their history is ugly. But their land grant was approved by a bunch of nations way back, for good or ill, and many generations of people have grown up there. They are rather productive and civilized, unlike the Muzzie trash around them. Lots of countries have bad beginnings, but that’s history.

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